3 Epic Questions to Vanquish Limiting Beliefs

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Limiting beliefs SUCK.

I know... there I said it.

We can be all spiritual about it {and I will give you the higher perspective of your spirit in a moment}... but let's have a human moment about this first...

How many times have you been going about your day, minding your own business, to just suddenly get sucker-punched in the face  by a limiting belief sneakily hiding out in that innocent dinner date with the parents... or that abomination of a text conversation you just had with your hubby?

Sometimes just getting through the day feels like a dangerous race through the Field of Fly Swatters...

You're minding your own business as the epic cosmic awesomeness that you are... and then THWAP!

Limiting Belief Smackdown.

So let's look at what's really going on...

Why Limiting Beliefs Suck So Much

A limiting belief is a coalesced thoughtform or thought pattern that has embedded itself in your energy field and, possibly, into your cellular DNA.

While you may encounter a multitude of negative energies, comments or thoughts in any given day...

... the ones that stick... the ones that dig their claws in and make a mess...

... are the ones that match frequency with existing negatively-charged energies in your field.

For this reason, limiting beliefs can also serve as fantastic signposts that point us to underlying energetic structures and subconscious blocks that are potentially harmful, yet hidden.

So yeah, limiting beliefs suck when they bodyslam your consciousness...

But, they're ultimately useful in locating insidious negatively-charged energies that would be otherwise undetectable.

In this article I'm going to show you how to flip a limiting belief's power back onto itself ~ to track its origins so that you can vanquish the limiting belief at its source.

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To Identify & Vanquish Your Limiting Beliefs

What I am about to share with you is a series of three simple questions you can use in any situation to identify the negative beliefs you hold that are limiting your life in that area.

Once they are identified, these questions will also help you tease them apart to get to the core wounding and central belief.

Most limiting beliefs act as terrorizing cells or collectives... where a central belief will attract to it numerous related beliefs that reinforce and protect the core belief.

So here's a simple three-question process for getting to the bottom of what's really holding you back...

Question 1. To Identify Your List of Limiting Beliefs

This first step is about figuring out your personal list of beliefs surrounding any subject. There are several ways you can ask this question, and in the beginning, I recommend you go through all of these as you may notice each version elicits different answers.

Ways to ask this question:

"Why don't I have this thing I want?"

"Why am I afraid to really go after this?"

"What will it say about me if I fail?"

"What has held me back from this in the past?"

"Why am I [single/broke/unhappy/unhealthy] right now?"

Another angle on this question that can elicit tons of hidden limiting beliefs is to also complete the following phrase:

"The people who DO get this thing I want are [traits they have that you don't]... They have [circumstances/luck/help/etc. that you don't]..."

The idea here is that you're first exploring your limiting beliefs about YOUR self, life, worth and past.

Then you want to also explore what you believe about everyone else who is getting what you're not.

I guarantee you that if you write down everything that comes to mind when you ask yourself these question variations, you will identify a vast list of limiting beliefs for any area of your life where you are currently dissatisfied.

Question 2. To Explore Where These Beliefs Came From

Now that you have your comprehensive list of limiting beliefs, you may notice that they naturally fall into collectives or cells of similar beliefs.

If you want, you can go ahead and re-organize them that way so that you end up with a more manageable list of beliefs.

Then, for each collective, ask yourself the following question:

"Where have I heard this statement of belief before?"

Did your parents often say variations of it... did you hear it often as a kid from your teachers in school or from other adults and authority figures?

Do you hear it in the media, echoed in your favorite tv shows or movies, or in the lyrics of the music you listen to?

We often get programmed by the music and media that entertains us... and surprisingly detrimental messages can often get through unnoticed.

I'd also explore where you might have heard certain beliefs in conversation with friends, in debates in school, or in business networking and training workshops.

Most importantly, notice when you can think of multiple instances where you heard a single collection of beliefs across varying people and situations.

This will help you recognize where you encountered any collection of beliefs and how often it's been reinforced due to repeated encounters.

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Just enter your email address to download this gorgeous printable Money Mindset Booster Journal + Daily Tracker!

Question 3. To Tease Apart the Lies & Assumptions Hidden in These Beliefs

Here's where things start to get fun!

Now I want you to go through each collection of beliefs and...

Make a list of every instance you can think of EVER for ANYONE where that belief statement proved untrue.

For example, let's say you want to dig into the limiting belief that "Work must be hard/must be a struggle."

Ask yourself if you've ever experienced any kind of paid work that was fun... easy... or engaging and pleasurable.

Have you ever seen anyone else engaging in paid work they enjoyed or that was easy or fun?

The more you can show your conscious brain instances where this "fact" was not true, you can begin to piece apart what you truly believe.

In fact, you will notice that as you realize that professional video game players or testers might actually have a fun, easy job, your mind chatter may pipe in and respond that this is a rare case and of no application to your life.

As another example, if you think of a friend who had a zany brilliant idea in college, built it out in his basement like a crazed inventor, and now he's a bazillionaire... you might instantly respond to yourself, "Well yeah, that's HIM. He's in tech. Tech guys make all the money and don't do crap. But guys like me..."

Don't try to ignore those thoughts. Those are more of your limiting beliefs!

So make note of each of them, and then disprove THAT belief, and the next one, and so forth.

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Just enter your email address to download this gorgeous printable Money Mindset Booster Journal + Daily Tracker!

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I’m here to live a magical life, and to help you do the same. Let’s make it awesome.

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