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Hey you ūüėČ Welcome to my site and to the home of INTEGRAL MANIFESTING.

Since you probably found your way here to me through the recommendation of a friend or via one of my articles, social updates or public talks... how about I give you a quick lay of the land so that you know who I am, what I offer and exactly where you can find it!

About me...

My name is Jaime Mintun and I am a trained clairvoyant energy healer, initiated shaman in the Andean Q'ero tradition of Peru, and shameless urban mystic wild about Divine Love. I have a full world-wide healing practice and also guide local medicine journeys and workshops in Colorado, and I also provide online courses. {You can read my About Page here.}

I've been teaching manifestation and the law of attraction since 2009, and during my 13 years as the world's leading self-help copywriter, I had the honor and joy to write for Marci Shimoff and Mary Morrissey of The Secret, as well as for Tony Robbins, Neale Donald Walsch, Conscious Uncoupling, Feminine Power and so many others.

Through it all, what I have come to know and teach is that we are INTEGRAL beings with multiple planes and parts of being that are creating our life, body and experience:

1) A surface personality... 2) a vast Inner Being where untold powers as well as subconscious blocks reside... and 3) a divine inmost core.

INTEGRAL MANIFESTING addresses the multiple underlying structures creating your life, and empowers you with the tools to transform them.

Because the only thing that manifests is your vibration. And when you know how to work with, and shape your vibration, you can literally create anything. I'll show you how.

What you'll find here...

This site is full of fantastic resources and guidance on manifesting, how to successfully use the law of attraction, basic and advanced energy healing techniques to work with your Inner Being and shape your vibration, crystals, and so much more.

Here are some great posts to get you started:

AND here is a deeply personal medicine story I wrote after my mother's passing that struck a popular chord:

It's Not Meant to Be Safe: Sinking Ships in an Unknowable Sea

Medicine stories are shamanic fables of sorts that are energetically designed to provide an activation or transformation simply by being read or listened to. I offer it with love and blessings.

And here are some heartfelt goodies for you!


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