Rescue Your Money Mindset From These 40 Negative Energies

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Okay let's dive right into this...

Your money mindset represents your overall conscious AND subconscious way of relating to money, abundance, and success... and also your self-worth related to these.

Even with our modern habits of positive thinking, affirmations, and creative solution-finding, the majority of people still struggle with money.

Here's why...

Money is a very personal and intimate energy...

Have you ever wondered why money feels so darned personal?

More than any other energy or area of life, money tends to be the primary way people define their self-worth, deservingness, talent, and ability to be loved.

I used to think this was because it's our primary currency. But as a clairvoyant healer, I've seen that money energy is so intense for us because it's a very physical energy that we process primarily in our root energy center.

And so it is mixed with, and informs, the other energies we process there such as:

Home, Belonging, Security, Safety, Body and Physical Wellness.

Money Mindset Booster Journal

Want an Easy Way to Track & Boost Your Money Mindset?

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The good news is that you are no helpless damsel or bloke in distress and dysfunction.

You are, at your very core, DIVINE.

You have supreme authority in your life.

You are designed to create and have anything you could possibly desire.

So.... you might be wondering...

Why Is Money So HARD?

Surprisingly, it comes down to ONE THING.

And I bet you all the money you and I DO NOT have that you won't guess what it is... ūüėČ

Ok ready?

And I'm being totally serious here...

Money ~ and any area you find yourself struggling in ~ can get really hard for you because:

You have Free Will.

You see, no energy, thought, feeling, or belief can exist in your mind, heart or space, without your permission.

As fabulous as that sounds, you do not live in a vacuum. And you do not live in la la land.

And so chances are, you encounter dozens of negatively-charged energies... ideas... beliefs... and other people's preferences for you... every day of your life.

Those outside energies can tank your money mindset because they likely speak to doubts, fears or questions you already have about your possibilities... your worth... and your goodness or deservingness.

No matter how vigilant you are with your conscious thinking, you will inevitably encounter dozens to hundreds of negative energies, influences and thought patterns throughout your day that hit some unwanted fear or doubt already existing in your psyche...

And below your conscious awareness are thousands more that your psyche has already encountered and held onto...

All of these energies then contribute to your overall vibration, which manifests your body, life, money and experience.

Feel dizzy yet??

Money Mindset Booster Journal

Want an Easy Way to Track & Boost Your Money Mindset?

Just enter your email address to download this gorgeous printable Money Mindset Booster Journal + Daily Tracker!

Here's Where We Make the Magic Happen...

These nasties can only negatively impact you and your money to the degree that you focus your attention on them.

In this article, I'm going to give you a potent watchlist of the 40 most harmful negative energies, thoughts and influences threatening your money mindset.

I'll also give you a quick fix for each category of nasties on the watchlist!

{NOTE: You'll get a downloadable infographic of all 40 Watchlist Energies at the end of this post!}

So here goes...

The Watchlist

Watch out for these sometimes subtle signs that you are negatively manifesting.

If you feel, think, sense or experience any of the items on this list when your attention is on money, finances, your career or overall abundance... you want to immediately re-direct your attention to a more positive-feeling thought in order to prevent these nasty influences from lowering your financial vibration.

Negative Physical Sensations

1. Tightness or constriction in the belly, heart or throat
2. Heaviness, like a weight on the chest
3. Shallow breathing, or can't quite catch your breath
4. Restlessness in the extremities, like you want to run away

These sensations are signaling that you are entering the Fight/Flight/Freeze response, which in addition to adding negatively-charged energies to your money vibration... are also stressing your body.

QUICK FIX: Sync your brain and heart with intentional heart breathing to calm your nervous system and bring you into heart-brain coherence.

Focus your attention on your heart and breathe in and out of that space. Inhale 5 seconds, exhale 5 seconds. After 3 minutes, see if you can experience better-feeling thoughts regarding your finances or career.

Negative Emotions

1. Boredom
2. Pessimism, Doubt, Concern
3. Frustration, Iritation, Impatience
4. Stress, Overwhelm, Exhaustion
5. Worry, Doubt, Disappointment
6. Discouragement, Blame
7. Revenge, Anger
8. Hatred, Rage
9. Jealousy, Envy
10. Insecurity, Guilt, Unworthiness
11. Grief, Sadness, Depression
12. Fear, Panic, Anxiety
13. Despair, Powerlessness

When you experience these emotions when your attention is on money, finances or career, you are negatively manifesting. Their negative charge lowers your overall financial vibration to greater and greater degree down the list.

QUICK FIX: This list of negative emotions is based on Abraham-Hicks' Emotional Scale. To immediately improve your financial vibration when experiencing one of these emotions, you want to shift as quickly as possible to a better-feeling thought.

So if you're feeling jealousy or envy, even getting to a sense of anger is an improvement! Money energy gets scary because we think we have to get from zero prosperity to millions of dollars and the beliefs to back it in five minutes flat. It's not like that. You can climb into abundance on the ladder of your emotions. One step at a time.

Negative Energies

1. Other People's Feelings About Your Financial Situation
2. Other People's Beliefs or Thoughts
3. Other People's Desires For You
4. Other People's Idea of Right & Wrong For You
5. Past-Time Energies 
{nothing is true today simply because it was true yesterday}
6. Environmental Energies of Stress
7. Perfect Pictures & Ideals
{"It has to look exactly like this or it's not success}
8. Pain Pictures {which create Frozen Energy Blocks}

When these outside {or old} energies are able to infiltrate your financial vibration, they can lock your thinking, feeling and energy patterns into negative and self-defeating programs. Most people think these external energies are theirs, and allow them complete power and control over their money mojo.

QUICK FIX: Never assume that the automatic thought or strange emotion you're having is yours. It can't affect your vibration or what you manifest, if you own your free-will choice and UNCHOOSE it.

When you experience a thought, feeling, or energy you don't like, ask yourself: "Is this even mine?" "If it is, do I want to keep it?"

Remember that you are the one with all the power. Your thoughts don't manifest. Your vibration does. And you get to decide which energies contribute to your vibration.

If you don't want an energy, firmly invite it out of your body and energy field, commanding to your self that the energy is not yours. Visualize or intend that the energy is going into a bubble outside your energy field, and then shrink the bubble and its contained energies until they disappear.

Negative Thoughts

1. "I'm not _____ enough to make that kind of money"
2. "No one would pay me that much for what I do"
3. "There's something wrong with me"
4. "Money and material wealth shouldn't matter to me. I should be above/beyond it."
5. "People with money are assholes" 
6. "I'm here to serve, I only want to focus on giving"
{your attention is what attracts. If you ignore money, it cannot find you!}
7. "What I contribute doesn't matter/wouldn't make money"
8. "I'm the best _____, but the others get paid way more"
9. "I do all the work, but they get all the glory"
10. "No one can succeed; it's a rigged system"
11. "Even if I make money, I'll lose it all to taxes/debt"
12. "How come everyone else seems to be doing well, and I'm struggling?"
13. "I'm a horrible partner/parent because I can't make enough money"
14. "I'm nothing/my life means nothing if I can't succeed/make enough money"
15. "There's not enough time"

These common thoughts are rooted in beliefs and frozen energy blocks that hold immense negative charge and can keep your finances in a chokehold.

By taking note of your negative-feeling thoughts for a few days, you can identify their underlying subconscious blocks that keep your financial vibration negatively-charged.

QUICK FIX: Ask yourself where you learned this thought from. What's the story? Did your parents say it all the time? Is it past experience?

Track your thoughts, self-talk, conversations and actions for the next several days and then see if you can identify the recurring themes and where they originated from in your life.

Money Mindset Booster Journal

Want an Easy Way to Track & Boost Your Money Mindset?

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DOWNLOAD: Negative Energies Watchlist Infographic

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Rescue Your Money Mindset Infographic

Hey. I’m Jaime.

I’m a clairvoyant energy healer, initiated shaman in the Q’ero Andean tradition, and teacher of manifestation and spiritual transformation since 2009.

I’m here to live a magical life, and to help you do the same. Let’s make it awesome.

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