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From: Denver, Colorado ~ with

Hey there!

It's Jaime here, and technically... this is a sales page.

But those that know me know I'm much more interested in having a conversation with you.

And right now I want to talk about the complex and often defeating energies surrounding the desire for money.

Because, before we can even address the negative energies and poverty conditioning that might be sabotaging your finances... first we have to talk about your desire itself.

Because everything in life begins with desire.

Our entire universe is here because the Divine desired it. And so it was.

How then, can the creative impulse of Desire produce so much ruin when we wanted so much abundance and ease?

Why is there so much lack... so much despair and anxiety... financial powerlessness and fear when all we ever wanted was wealth and joy and to feel like we matter?

If you've found yourself asking these questions, then consider this:

If manifesting your dream career and wealth begins with desire...

... then what if the ways you've suffered in money ALSO began with how you shaped your desire?

Admittedly, this isn't a fun or sexy new manifesting idea.

It's a tough, inconvenient truth.

Most people interested in manifesting assume that the desire part is easy...

Figure out what I want... CHECK!

Want it hard... CHECK!

But desire is actually a very complex engine of creative power.

It has a multi-layered vibrational anatomy that can be very mixed ~ with both positive and negatively-charged energies.

And so it draws into your life an equally mixed bag of wanted and unwanted things.

If you want to manifest more reliably and accurately the wealth and abundance you desire MOST... then it's best to intentionally engage all three steps for desire manifesting:

  1. Clarify your desire energies and money mindset so you're crystal clear where they are helping or hindering your money manifestation...
  2. Cleanse any negative energies in your financial vibration that oppose your desire...
  3. And then communicate that Desire to the Universe from the only dimension of your being that the Universe can actually "hear." {hint: it's not in the 3rd dimension of your thoughts, feelings or actions}

Let's dig into these crucial desire manifesting steps a bit more...

The 3 Little-Known
Stages of Desire:

Desire is your catalyst for any creation.

Whether it's a new house, a new business, what you'll make for dinner or the movie you'll choose to mold your evening with...

Shaping that desire actually happens in 3 little-known stages that most people never consider when manifesting:


You shape the vibrational anatomy of your desire every time you give attention to the subject of your desire. A positive-feeling thought means you're manifesting positively. A negative-feeling thought means you're manifesting the opposite of what you want. Do you know how to clarify your thoughts and feelings that are shaping YOUR money mindset and desire?


Only 1% to 5% of your thinking ~ and hence the shape of your desire ~ is conscious. For most people, their limiting beliefs, fears, unmet needs and negative conditioning are primarily manifesting their life. How are you cleansing your desire of its negative ~ and often subconscious ~ energies?


The Universal forces that mold your reality to the shape of your desire exist in the 5th dimension of our world. You too have hidden planes of your own inner being that exist in the 5th dimension. Do you know the secret ritual you can use to unleash your desire to these Universal forces via the 5th dimensional gateway of your heart for clear communication and manifestation?

THESE are the three primary factors affecting your ability to create your dream life.

NOT your thoughts, not your feelings, not your actions.

They are also the 3 little-known stages you can deliberately use to manifest any desire:

Clarify. Cleanse. Unleash.

But while the steps are the same... DESIRE is Specific.

Desire is Unique.

And there is a reason why your areas of greatest desire are also often your places of greatest sorrow and self-doubt.

Do you know the life area 60% of people name as their greatest challenge?

The one life area that seems so out of their control...

... so beyond their ability to steer the ship...

... so disappointingly outside of their creative power and personal choice.

You know the one I'm talking about:


It's the one place in most people's lives that always seems to go off the rails.

And right into the gutter... *ugh*

I know it's not fun to talk about... but I promise you:

This Place of Great Desire AND Great Struggle Can Also Be Your Greatest Opportunity...

Because while there are a lot of things you can say about the complexity... difficulty... and harrowing stress surrounding money...

There's one key thing I want you to know about what money represents when it's a particular area of struggle. 


It's the place in your world where you are not free.

It is where you believe your identity ~ your worthiness... loveableness... and deservingness ~ is bound to your ability to create or have abundant wealth and success.

And those are the places where it is hardest to manifest.

Those are the places where your power is held away from you at a distance ~ wrapped up in the bank account... that distant promotion... or your parents' ideas about your quality of adulting... instead of wielding your power seated within you, which is required if you are to create that desire.

I want to help you take that power back.

Let me show you how...



The ULTIMATE Money Manifesting Practice

In 3 transformative stages...

INTRO: Clarify the Mixed Energies of Your Money Mindset

Engage a unique money mindset discovery worksheet to define your Core Financial or Career Desire... identify any conflicting inner agendas and opposing negative energies for cleansing and release ... and then reinforce the positive, magical and fulfilling elements of desire you'll later unleash for manifestation.

PLUS, you'll get a BONUS Reference Guide with up to 30 detailed and specific categories of subconscious blocks specific to money, finances and career.

CORE: Cleanse Any Negatively-Charged Energies

I'll guide you step-by-step through a potent energy cleansing technique to release all unwanted energies that could oppose your desired money manifestation. With simple visualizations and fool-proof verbal commands, ANYONE can successfully use this cleansing technique, even if you've never worked with energy before!

OUTRO: Unleash Your Desire For Manifestation

Discover the secret and sacred ritual that gathers your clarified and cleansed financial desire energies into a powerful 5th dimensional union with universal and earth forces for a limits-shattering unleashing into rapid manifestation.





Printable & Downloadable Worksheet

Identify the pure and positive essence of your Core Desire

Explore competing inner agendas hidden in your subconscious with 5 discerning questions

Reveal the story of resistance and sabotage that has shaped your money mindset and prevented this desire in the past

Distinguish the limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks contained in the CORE Cleansing Technique

Craft your Ultimate Career & Financial Dream Life for unleashing in the closing Ritual


Step-by-Step Healing Technique

A potent energy technique ANYONE can do, with simple visualizations and verbal commands

Command the release of all the negatively-charged energies you identified that could oppose or sabotage your money manifestation

Include for release any related harmful energies you are unaware of... with a special metaphysical tool you'll learn

Completely clarify the vibration of your desire for the highest manifestation

Retrieve your purified desire energies back into your energy system in preparation for the unleashing ritual




Command Your Reality From the 5th Dimension

Sacred and ancient ritual for genuine connection with the great cosmic and earth forces that shape material reality from the 5th dimension

Activate the genuine personal power necessary to make your bid to the Universal powers, from the sacred space of your heart

Use a series of simple yet magical energy techniques for gathering up the energies of your desire and unleashing them for rapid manifestation

Forge a meaningful communication between you and the Universe that you can maintain for continued support


Detailed Downloadable & Printable Guide

Discover 29 categories of specific limiting beliefs, fears, types of conditioning and subconscious blocks for your selected life areas

Explore illuminating questions to further determine your specific subconscious blocks and conditioning

Include this detailed list of subconscious blocks in your Negative Energy Cleanse for an uber-potent healing!

Keep these sabateurs front of mind so that you can quickly identify when you are negatively attracting and course-correct to stay on track


Oh, and by the way...
Let Me Introduce Myself!

jaime mintun

My name is Jaime Mintun and I am a trained clairvoyant energy healer, initiated shaman in the Andean Q'ero tradition of Peru, and shameless urban mystic wild about Divine Love and the Ascension of Desire.

I've been teaching manifestation and the law of attraction since 2009, and during my 16 years as the world's leading self-help copywriter, I've also had the honor and joy to write for Marci Shimoff and Mary Morrissey of The Secret... as well as for Tony Robbins, John C. Maxwell, Neale Donald Walsch, Conscious UncouplingFeminine Power, and dozens of others.

I've been honored to know great success in many areas of my life.

Money manifesting has always been somewhat of a specialty, and with my very first experimentation with it, I manifested $133,313 in a single month! And don't think the numerology there is lost on me. 🙂

Yet, I have also known great suffering...

I want you to know that this money manifesting practice here were designed to be quick, fun and supremely effective.

But the heart and soul of it... how it works with the vibrational anatomy of your desire... and the very depths of me that went into shaping this material...

It has come from more than my extensive psychic and shamanic training. It also comes from my own experiences of imprisonment... and the maps I discovered that charted me back to freedom.

You see,back in 2006 I was held captive for three weeks by a man I thought I could trust.

I learned through that experience ~ and the decade of healing that would follow~ that desire can lead us through a descent into hell... or it can free us into an ascension towards the heavens we make.

I have witnessed both faces of desire.

And even though our focus here is wealth, this money manifesting practice represent the maps I have charted for the Ascension of Desire... so that you need no longer suffer the descents that can occur.

Because too many people out there know what it's like to feel imprisoned by their own desires.

Too many people suffer the everyday madness of disappointment after disappointment... doubt after doubt...

But I know that breakthrough change is possible ~ even in the hardest places in your life.

Because I broke through to freedom in the hardest place in my life.

And I'm here to help you do the same.

The vibrational anatomy of your desire doesn't have to be mixed.

With your free will and this easy money manifesting practice, you can shape and cleanse your desire into the grand, magnificent manifestation of your choice.

Are you ready?

I'll be with you every step of the way!

See what past clients and customers have to say about me and my offerings...

I was no longer depressed, anxious or stressed...

I didn't know what I needed. I just knew I needed something. I was depressed, anxious and stressed. Perpetual procrastination... After Jaime walked me through [one of her] techniques and a few other things, I was smiling for no specific reason. I was no longer depressed, anxious or stressed. I was truly HAPPY for the first time in a long time. Best of all... six months later I have my dream job and none of that crap ever came back.

Rob Braddock

Nothing worked until Jaime and her techniques...

I come from a very oppressive and misogynistic culture. I've overcome tremendous odds to achieve success and my life and yet I have always struggled with morning depression and severe neck pain. 

I had tried everything to heal my depression from counseling to every kind of self-help you can imagine.  I have made strides, but I always had this deep lingering sadness that was hard to shake. After the first healing with Jaime, I felt 90% better.

With the neck pain, this techique helped me see that it was tied to my very manipulative and demanding boss. We also found deep wounds and bad affirmations placed there from my old culture where part of me accepted women as the weaker sex. After clearing all those subconscious blocks my neck pain has nearly vanished.

After having tried over a year of chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture work, nothing worked until Jaime and her healing techniques.

Aminah Bukhari

I have never had such a big shift happen after energy work...

I have studied energy work for over 15 years and have worked with many different healers in my life. I can honestly say that my session with Jaime, and the use of a few of her techniques, was one of the best healings I've ever had. 

We did a lot of work that day on a relationship that had been causing me pain and difficulty for a long time. Immediately after the session my heart had softened and felt more open to this person. And this person also began making some big changes in their life following the session.  This relationship continues to shift and heal! I have never had such a big shift happen after energy work.

Sirena Masket

Now I'm finally excited to live my life...

I didn’t know such rapid change was possible, and now I’m finally excited to live my life. Thank you.

Jessica Schafer


Transform Your Financial Energies & Unleash Total Badass Abundance

The choice is yours...

And I'm here to help.

You can continue struggling against your subconscious blocks and negative financial energies...

... or you can delete them from your vibration with this simple, ancient and powerful technique ~ WITHOUT slogging needlessly through painful emotions.

Plus you'll learn how to unleash your financial desire the only way the Universe can actually receive and respond to it.

Click the "Add to Cart" button now  to quantum-leap the quality of your life and to start manifesting MORE fulfilling wealth TODAY...





Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you're not happy with your Money Manifesting Practice for any reason, simply let me know via email and I'll gladly refund your money within 60 days of purchase.


"Wow. 4 years of therapy couldn't do for me what Jaime has done! I now use her energy techniques regularly and I'm seeing everything change. For the first time in my life, I know that I can create my reality and live a life I love! Thank you!"

~ Matthew Turner

Your Money Manifesting Practice Will Include:

  • Step-by-Step unique 'Clarify Your Money Mindset' discovery worksheet

  • A simple, potent & proven negative energy cleanse technique

  • A sacred, ancient unleashing ritual

  • BONUS. Subconscious Blocks Diagnostic Guide

  • All specific and customized to your financial desire goals

  • Instant + 24/7 Access on any device

  • Supportive & Active Online Community

...all for just $97 $17 when you buy today. Click "Add to Cart" for INSTANT Access!


Your purchase is protected by my 100% money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: “How will this Money Manifesting Practice help me?”

A: It depends on where you’re at right now…

If you feel paralyzed or blocked in your career or finances this course helps you focus and cleanse your financial vibration to powerfully break through into active and positive manifestation.

If you have been actively trying to manifest something and it’s just not working… or not happening fast enough, this course will guide you step-by-step through correcting the most common manifesting challenges: mixed negative energies in the vibrational anatomy of your desire… lack of personal power in your launching of desire to the Universe… and subconscious blocks that can  distort or oppose desired manifestations.

If you feel absolutely jazzed about where you are in life and you want support in successfully birthing what is moving through you… this course will help keep you on track with rapid and effective manifestation by focusing your efforts in the precise sequence and steps proven to create results.

Q: “How often do I have to use this Money Manifesting Practice for it to be effective?”

A: The very first time you use this course, you will powerfully clarify, cleanse and unleash your financial desire for manifestation.

That may be all you need!

Pay attention to the signs and then repeat any one of the steps in the practice whenever you desire a boost.

For example: If you find yourself plagued by doubts, negative thoughts or it seems your manifestation is starting to go sideways, go through the Subconscious Blocks BONUS Guide and take note of which blocks you believe are showing up for you. Then use the CORE Negative Energy Cleanse to release their energies from your financial desire frequency.

For an added boost, you can again launch your desire to the Universe with the Desire Unleashing Ritual.

I also recommend repeating the ritual regularly to keep building powerful energies for your desired manifestation!

Q: “Why is it just $17?”

A: This course is regularly $97. However, right now I’m making it available for just $17.

I’m doing this for a few reasons:

  1. Most of the manifestation mastery techniques I teach, along with the deep energy work they facilitate, require advanced training. It was important to me to provide a simplified, yet still effective, set of money manifesting techniques ANYONE could use IMMEDIATELY for improving what is, for most people, their greatest life challenge.
  2. My personal healing practice has gotten quite packed and I wanted an easy way to provide empowered transformation and meaningful energy cleansing to anyone who desires it, even if I can’t work with them one-on-one.
  3. Too many people are suffering out there and making this course $17 for this limited time puts achieving your financial dreams and desires into the hands of everyone who wants it.
  4. It makes sure you’re serious. This work is my greatest joy and passion and I give a LOT to the people in my courses and communities. I therefore seek people with courageous hearts who take action, because the core of everything I believe and teach is that the power to change your life belongs to YOU. I can best help those who are willing to cultivate their own power. Taking action shows me you’re showing up for YOU.I also believe that once you experience the Money Manifesting Practice, you’ll want more and maybe… just maybe… you’ll come back and further your mastery of manifestation with me.But that’s it…No fine print…no “funny business”…no cliffhangers. If this is the only thing you ever get from me, it will change your life.

NOTE: All testimonials are actual persons. However, my client referred to as “Aminah Bukhari” wished to remain anonymous and out of respect for her privacy, I have not used her real name or likeness.

All other testimonial images and names are actual.

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