9 Sublime Mantra Albums For Healing, Prosperity, Love & More

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Mantras today have become more than devotional tools for prayer, healing or manifesting.

With gorgeous renditions by artists like Donna DeLory, Deva Premal, Jai-Jagdeesh, and others, you can chant along for a potent daily practice, or let these mantras play in the background of your day.

Below I have embedded for free streaming my favorite mantra albums for healing, divine grace, protection, love, and more.

But first, I want to share a bit about why mantra can be so powerful for helping you shape and manage your vibration...

Sanskrit Mantra is Vibrationally True

Sanskrit is one of our only languages for manifesting because as a language system, it expresses the exact vibrational essence of the thing the word represents.

For example, when you tone the sanskrit name Lakshmi, you are literally toning the vibrational essence of Lakshmi and all she represents, such as abundance. This brings her frequency of prosperity into your body, energy field and environment, helping to bring you and your surroundings into alignment with abundance and prosperity.

In this way, sanskrit mantra is a gorgeous way to easily align your vibration with your desire.

Chanting a mantra with deliberate intent and devotional care can be the most powerful way to work with mantra. However, even listening to mantra will help align your vibration!

Simply select the album or specific mantra track below and listen to it throughout your day, or play it and chant along at least once per day, to immediately amplify your manifesting mojo.

These albums can easily be accessed via Spotify to enjoy on your personal device.

Mantras for Prosperity

Mantras for Healing

Spirit Voyage Presents: Mantras for Healing

Deva Premal's Healing Mantras

Mantras for Divine Grace

Mantras for Love

Mantras for Protection

Varied Mantras For Life

More Mantra Love...

Get more info on these mantras and some of their english translations here.

Hey. I’m Jaime.

I’m a clairvoyant energy healer, initiated shaman in the Q’ero Andean tradition, and teacher of manifestation and spiritual transformation since 2009.

I’m here to live a magical life, and to help you do the same. Let’s make it awesome.

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    I was hoping to read your article but most of it – about 95% of it was blank! There were topic headings but absolutely nothing underneath. In case you didn’t know what I was talking about its the article on the 9 sublime mantra albums.
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      Hi Tracey! Under each heading is an embedded Spotify album playlist. If your browser or device blocks the script, you won’t see them display. They might also take a bit longer to load. I’ve checked the article on mobile, tablet and computer and it’s displaying for me. Sorry you’re having trouble! You can always go on spotify and search “Spirit Voyage Mantras” I’ll add that as a note in the main article. 🙂

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