How to Put Your Finances on an Ecstasy Trip

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to launch your finances on an ecstasy trip: genuine wealth that resonates with fulfillment.

We manifest whatever we spend our time thinking about, particularly when strong emotions are attached to those thoughts. For the average person, their thoughts around money are often fraught with stress, anxiety, memories of past failure, and awareness of current lack.

That's a recipe for wrecked finances.

Your solution is deliberate focus on ways to feel authentic fulfillment, appreciation, and a sense that you are happily giving AND receiving.

The key to these steps is daily action aligned with positive feeling.

Don't try to force the feeling.

Simply engage these steps daily as outlined below and let yourself experience authentic emotion. With repetition you may find initial frustration or grief or overwhelm will give way to genuine joy, appreciation and playfulness.

Those positive emotions let you know that you are aligned with your Inner Being. And when that is the case, you are successfully manifesting a reality aligned with your soul's perspective and essence, which is always centered in love and wellbeing.

3 Ways to Put Your Finances on an Ecstasy Trip


Give yourself one small thing every other day

It could be a compliment, flowers, a single unhurried hour for a bath or book. It could be a present or a kind word or an indulgence in a hobby or passion. However small or big, give yourself something at least once every other day.

Why This Works: When you receive daily experiences that demonstrate that you find yourself worthy: of taking care of, indulging, giving to, and loving, you're training yourself to feel worthy of receiving ~ from yourself, from others, from the Universe. This opens you up to receiving more abundance.

This also works on another level. Where most people experience daily stress, lack and suffering around money and what they have versus what they do not have, you begin giving yourself daily experiences of fulfillment. As you begin to feel the gratitude and joy associated with all these little ways you are giving to, and receiving from, yourself... you entrain your vibration to that of abundance and fulfillment. You align with your Inner Being ~ and that alignment is the key to manifesting what you want more rapidly.


Give someone else one small thing on the other days

The day after you give something to yourself, give something to someone else. It could be a hug, a kind word or compliment, a phone call, or a gift. Pray for someone or share your gratitude for them. Give to the people you love and the people you know. Then give to people who kind of annoy you. 😉 Also complete strangers.

Why This Works: Abundance is all about having more than enough. When we give, and give from a place of joy and enthusiasm, we are experiencing and expressing abundance.

The more you feel these emotions genuinely, i.e. without trying to force yourself, but rather through a natural welling up of emotion, the more they attract more of that frequency to you.

Again, do not be concerned if you do not feel immense positive emotion the first few or several times you take this step. On our way to manifesting what we want, we must inevitably release and clear all the energies within us that oppose that creation.

So if you experience anger, frustration, grief or numbness, allow those feelings and do it anyway. Do it because you're worth it. Do it because you love yourself more than you love your limitations. Do it because you've tried it the other way... and the other way didn't work.


Practice awareness and follow your gut.

As you begin giving to yourself and to others you'll start to notice that you're filling up with satisfaction., love and fulfillment. You’re filling your own ‘emotional bank account’ so that even when you give to others in Step 2, it’s still filling you up.

Financial energy works the same way. As you live in emotional abundance, notice the signs pointing you towards financial abundance. Pay attention to random thoughts, new ideas, crazy cravings and other subtle messages. They’re telling you what to do next – and they lead to the money honey!

That sudden craving for chips and hummus at 2am... that may just land you in the grocery line with your soulmate or an important colleague. Most people misunderstand intuition because they think it’s something big and bold and screaming in your face. It’s not. 🙂

It’s the tiny whisperings… the subtle desires or thoughts that come out of nowhere and will leave just as fast.

Always pay attention and take action on the silly and subtle stuff! Because those crazy ideas and inspirations are what lead you to your wealth! They were inspired by your higher vibration – they were inspired by your higher knowing.

So give it a go and see what happens. You’ll discover so many more gifts than just money. 🙂

Hey. I’m Jaime.

I’m a clairvoyant energy healer, initiated shaman in the Q’ero Andean tradition, and teacher of manifestation and spiritual transformation since 2009.

I’m here to live a magical life, and to help you do the same. Let’s make it awesome.

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