Autumn Harvest Blessing & New Moon Astrology Update

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A New Moon Energies Update for 9.9.18

Welcome to the lovely space between seasons.

As we ease into September, here in Denver the leaves are already beginning to turn.

Our summer thunderstorms are still rumbling through... but a crisp coolness is beginning to hang in the air, and the lush full greeness of summer is steadily catching fire with the colors of fall.

At this time of transition, we welcome a powerful Virgo New Moon on Sunday, September 9th while also enjoying tough love Saturn going direct on the 6th!


We also get to enjoy a record number of positive aspects this month after a challenging August full of eclipses and retrograde planets.

For many of us, the deep uprooting of our past traumas, unresolved emotions and unlearned karmic lessons will ease up and flip into a more aggressive forward motion into the big changes, new projects and abundant rewards we've been struggling to bring forth over the last three-to-five months.

To honor these big positive energies, and also the traditional harvest energies of our coming Autumn season, I felt called to share with you this New Seed Harvest Blessing...

For we have a unique opportunity this month to both seed new beginnings AND reap their harvest nearly simultaneously.

New Seed Harvest Blessing

May you carry forth 
into the new dawning day
the sparks of yesterday's hopes
catching flame upon the winds
of today's possibilities...

Hard you may have toiled in soil once barren.
Long have you nurtured a terrain once laid bare.
Yet, true to a future you could not know,
you just. kept. going.

And behold, the new seeds you have sown
are not so different from
the one who gifted them to the earth.

Like you, these seeds push through.
Like you, these seeds break through
into life and light and open air.

These seeds have flourished
into bountiful blessing.
Now shall you reap the harvest.

Give thanks to your fortitude. 
Give thanks to the land.
Give thanks for all that you are
and all that you can now receive.

Open wide your capacity for the abundance
stretching out before you.

And taste the fruits of your labor.

With love,


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Energies of the Virgo New Moon

By Herbalist & Astrologer Ash Whyte

It is my honor to share the wisdom of this New Moon in Virgo with you magical beings!  

New Moon's are energetic portals for us to begin anew. It is a symbolic of the seed planted in the ground harboring energy to bust through the soil. A New Moon occurs when the moon joins forces with the Sun, and during this Virgo New Moon, the moon + sun will find alignment at 17 degrees Virgo.

The symbolism of this degree connects us with our abilities to contact deeper resource's of our individual + collective consciousness. This degree holds within it powers to connect us to the subtle sensations, and when we allow ourselves to tap into those subtleties they will lead us to intuitive breakthroughs.    

This Virgo New Moon will encourage us to release the unwanted patterns that naturally arise through this archetypal degree, as well as an opening of doors for deep healing, purification, and an ability to align our vibrations to our own unique luminous tone.  

With this particular phase of the Virgo New Moon the collective consciousness is in a transition towards releasing unwanted stresses + observing what is currently opening up for yourself + the collective. 

Virgo New Moon Mantra:

I trust my intrinsic healing wisdom + allow myself to align to my inner guidance.

This Virgo New Moon will be making a benevolent aspect (called a trine) to the planet Pluto. The planet Pluto holds the energy of the wise forceful elder. This archetype does not bend, and is one of ultimate universal truth.

Combined with the moon's power of emotional intelligence and the beginning phase that the new moon brings, we can feel into the spaces of where our truth meets our emotional wellbeing. This could come up as clashing or it could come up as accepting, either way it is time for a seed of our life to break through the surface of our unconscious and show its true leaves to the world. 

Additionally, this Virgo New Moon will be in tension (known as an opposition) with the spiritual clairvoyant planet Neptune.

This mixture will shift us into a space where we will need to intentionally bring in relaxation and anything that aligns us to feel freedom.

Bring in beautiful music, yoga, a relaxing bath, meditation, a bike ride, or long walk. Find your personal connection + practice alignment. 

Virgo has a full spectrum of activation and it is up to us to find our highest expression of the archetype.

Using this rejuvenating newness + alignment to open us up to a new routine can help fulfill a deep hearts desire.

Allowing + aligning to a positive new routine is the absolute best way to activate in a healthy virgo expression.

And yet the low vibrations may creep in... so watch out for nit picking, perfectionism, absolutes, and getting stuck in the details.

And, if you do happen to find yourself in those lower expressions of Virgo, kindly talk yourself into the higher vibrational pathway by taking any of the above information and implement a clear action towards connection, allowing the potent healing resonation of this archetype to guide you into a new chapter of your life. 

All New Moons are here for us to start anew. I recommend you journal around the times of each New Moon and revisit the journal entry in one months time at the closest full moon, as well as in six months at the same sign Full Moon, in this case the Virgo Full Moon.

This practice will help you realize and honor the growth you've achieved since the initial vision and new moon seed has been planted. This is a wonderful way to allow an inner wisdom to take hold. As Above, So Below.

    Warm Regards-

           Ash Whyte 

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Hey. I’m Jaime.

I’m a clairvoyant energy healer, initiated shaman in the Q’ero Andean tradition, and teacher of manifestation and spiritual transformation since 2009.

I’m here to live a magical life, and to help you do the same. Let’s make it awesome.

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