Affirmation Cookies: Eat Your Words & Make Some Magic!

Give the gift of positively delicious awesomeness! This creative baking idea can be added to your holiday baking traditions or as a fun and inspiring DIY craft gift for those you love.

And if you don't have the time or interest in baking and decorating your own Affirmation Cookies, no sweat! You can order professionally designed ones {or upload your own affirmation image you want designed} and have them made and shipped out on your behalf with edible ink.

See below for where to order this delicious affirmation awesomeness... and then following that, you'll find a DIY recipe and instructions for creating your own.

Affirmation Cookies Done For You...

Over at you'll find a selection of designer cookies with adorable affirmations iced onto them with edible ink.

affirmation cookie

Want your own design crafted onto those cookies?

Click any cookie and you'll see a blue "CUSTOMIZE" button on the right hand side. You can make your cookie round or square, add your own text or image design, and even select your background icing color.

If you're handy with Canva or Photoshop, you can design your own affirmation images.

Or you can purchase a few premade on

Just search "Abundance Quote" or "Love Affirmation" to find some cool designs. 

You can also look at overall "Positive Affirmations" using this link.

The only downside of this fun and unique gift idea is that it can get a tad pricey.

4 cookies will run you about $20 to $30.

For the adventurous bakers out there, I recommend you create your own affirmation cookies...

DIY Affirmation Cookies: Recipe & Instructions

You can use any sugar or shortbread recipe. 

Here's one I recommend for NO FAIL sugar cookies you can shape, and an icing you can use for creative decorating...

NO FAIL Sugar Cookie Recipe + Royal Icing Recipe

Now here's the key...

    1. Make your icing the background color you want for your affirmation cookies. It can be fun to make a few smaller batches of icing, each a different color. 

    1. If giving these as a gift, consider a) using a few of your loved one's favorite colors... or b) coordinating your cookie's icing color with the corresponding color for your affirmation. {Affirmations for abundance go great with orange, green and yellow... Affirmations for self-love and inspiration go great with pink, blue and white!}

    1. Order a set of edible markers for writing out your Affirmation Quotes on your cookies. Linked above are a great set you can get on Amazon.

  1. Let your cookies set overnight once you place the background icing. Then, the next day, you can write your various affirmations on each cookie with your edible markers. 


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