Access Intuitive Intelligence with These 3 Questions Psychics Use

Your intuitive intelligence is always present. In fact everyone has the capacity ~ and the physical and spiritual anatomy ~ to be psychic. So why is accessing your own intuition, guidance and answers so difficult sometimes?

It often comes down to three culprits that can hijack your connection to yourself. And with three simple questions you can tell those hijackers to take a hike. :}

Intuition Hijacker #1.
Attachment to Outcome

Often the moments when we seek guidance and intuitive intelligence most are the very moments that block us from maintaining a clear connection. This is because intuition {and also clairvoyance or what we think of as being psychic} involves reading information from your third eye or pineal gland.

This means you literally place your spirit or point of awareness at the center of your head. Maintaining that position requires neutrality, which means that you are calm, clear and at peace with whatever you see. As you might imagine, when you are attached to experiencing a certain outcome, it can be hard to remain neutral to what is happening. Particularly when things aren't going as desired!

This pulls your point of awareness out of your head, and often to other less useful places, such as:

  • Outside of your body, such as when you project to the future or relive the past
  • Sacral chakra {seat of emotions}, and where we tend to experience empathy
  • Root chakra, in the case of anxiety, or when we are trying to determine our safety

The Question to Ask to Regain Neutrality:

Where am I approaching this situation from?

Once you determine where you've been placing your point of awareness ~ without judgment ~ simply call your awareness back to you here, in this present moment, and invite it into the center of your head. Specifically intend that your awareness sits in your third eye {not to be confused with your analytic mind}, and ask your inquiry again.

You can do this by visualizing a point of light at the center of your head, and simply tell yourself that this point of light is your awareness, and that the center of your head is your third eye.

Hold the visualization for as long as feels right to you, lightly let go of holding your visualization in place, and simply see if the point of light remains there. This can feel like imagination, but actually you are practicing your inner sight.

Intuition Hijacker #2. Other People's Energy

Did you know that nearly every time you feel confused or unclear about a decision, it's because someone else's energy is in your space?

I see it all the time when providing readings or healing sessions. A person comes to me confused about whether she should stay at the job she has or take a new opportunity that has presented itself... or whether to stay in a current relationship or move toward a new lover... etc.

In most cases, one of the first things I'll see when I look at their spirit is someone else's energy in their crown or at the center of their head that is literally creating mixed signals due to conflicting information. When this happens, it means that another person's ideas for what you need or what is best for you gets all mixed up with your own ideas and preferences until you're utterly confused OR you can't even access your own intuitive intelligence because theirs has crowded it out.

We always had a joke during our healer's training that "most people are impolite with their energy." Our loved ones usually have honorable intentions and might pray for us, worry for us or feel very strongly about decisions we need to make in our own lives. But their well-meaning intentions can get transmitted into your own energy field, and you'll literally start to feel them as your own. In a nutshell their information gets placed in your space, making it hard to determine what are your own thoughts, feelings and preferences in a situation... and what is everyone else's. Trying to access your own intuitive intelligence in this situation becomes impossible without first clearing out their energy.

The Question to Ask to Reconnect to Your Own Intuitive Intelligence:

What do I know that I know? Of all these thoughts, feelings and reactions I'm experiencing, which of them are mine?

A great exercise is to list out all the conflicting or confusing stuff that's happening when you try to access your intuition on a situation. Include all the thoughts, feelings, frustrations, questions, or sensations in your body. Then go through each one and really ask yourself, "Is this mine?" If it sounds like something your mother might say, it's probably her information and not yours. If you notice a strange anxiety that is odd for you, but your brother is pretty much always anxious, that's a good sign the anxiety in this situation is his and not yours.

Intuition Hijacker #3. Stress, Overwhelm & Emotion

Once again, the situations where we need our intuitive intelligence are most often the situations that block it. Well don't fret. In the case of stress, overwhelm or a strong emotional state the answer is to ground yourself.

Before trying to access your intuition, take a moment to hit pause on everything. Move yourself to a different spot or into a new position to signal to your body that you're having a state change. Then take a few deep breaths and bring your conscious awareness to your own body and this present moment. Intend to ground yourself and with every out breath, release with it any tension in the body and any stress in the mind.

You can even visualize growing roots into the ground or growing a grounding chord from your root chakra all the way down to the center of the planet, so that one end is connected to the base of your spine and the other end is connected to the center of the earth. Wait until you feel calm, and the urgency for answers has passed. Then connect to your intuitive intelligence in your favorite manner.

The Question to Ask to Overcome Stress, Overwhelm or Emotion:

Can I accept in this moment, right here and now, that I'm okay?

This question helps reconnect you to the truth that overwhelm, stress and tumultuous emotions are tied to a perspective that is in the past or the future. When you ground yourself in the present moment you can remember that everything is okay and from that place of peace, you can more easily access your intuitive intelligence.

Hey. I’m Jaime.

I’m a clairvoyant energy healer, initiated shaman in the Q’ero Andean tradition, and teacher of manifestation and spiritual transformation since 2009.

I’m here to live a magical life, and to help you do the same. Let’s make it awesome.

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