Client Stories & Snazzy Kudos

Curious to hear what others have to say about Jaime Mintun? Perhaps you want some insight into the kinds of results and transformations others have enjoyed while working with her and her material?If so, you've come to the right place! Here's what others have to say...
"All I can say is WOW!! Jaime Mintun did a session with me recently that absolutely changed my life. I have had back pain for 20 years and she was able to connect to the root cause of it in our session together. I woke up the next morning and that pain was GONE!!

"It’s truly a miracle and that is no exaggeration. If you get a chance to work with Jaime and her Manifestation Mastery Techniques, TAKE IT!!! Your life WILL improve immensely! Thank you Jaime for all the ways that you have made my life better, I will be FOREVER grateful!!"
Kimberleigh Miller
"Working with Jaime and her energy techniques transformed my world. I was in a dark place and every tool I had in my tool box was worn out and no longer working.

"Jaime consciously and clearly moved the energy of the situation out of my field. In addition, she provided some practical tools and advice that I was able to add to my experience and use to continue the healing. I look forward to continuing my work with Jaime as she is a bright light and a powerful healer and a ton of fun! I am grateful."
Jill Davis

I didn't know what I needed. I just knew I needed something. I was depressed, anxious and stressed. Perpetual procrastination...

After Jaime walked me through [one of her] techniques and a few other things, I was smiling for no specific reason. I was no longer depressed, anxious or stressed. I was truly HAPPY for the first time in a long time. Best of all... six months later I have my dream job and none of that crap ever came back.

Rob Braddock

I come from a very oppressive and misogynistic culture. I've overcome tremendous odds to achieve success and my life and yet I have always struggled with morning depression and severe neck pain. 

I had tried everything to heal my depression from counseling to every kind of self-help you can imagine.  I have made strides, but I always had this deep lingering sadness that was hard to shake. After the first healing with Jaime Mintun, I felt 90% better.

With the neck pain, this techique helped me see that it was tied to my very manipulative and demanding boss. We also found deep wounds and bad affirmations placed there from my old culture where part of me accepted women as the weaker sex. After clearing all those subconscious blocks my neck pain has nearly vanished.

After having tried over a year of chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture work, nothing worked until Jaime and her healing techniques.

Aminah Bukhari

I have studied energy work for over 15 years and have worked with many different healers in my life. I can honestly say that my session with Jaime Mintun, and the use of a few of her techniques, was one of the best healings I've ever had. 

We did a lot of work that day on a relationship that had been causing me pain and difficulty for a long time. Immediately after the session my heart had softened and felt more open to this person. And this person also began making some big changes in their life following the session.  This relationship continues to shift and heal! I have never had such a big shift happen after energy work.

Sirena Masket