5 Types of Radiance That Make You Magnetic

There are so many ways that you can glow, shine your light and give your gifts to the world. However there is a particular radiance that is just yours and that is designed to magnetize your giving back to you.

This radiance is made up of five emanations, or types of radiance that you emit constantly and inevitably 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To harness their power, all you have to do is use them with conscious awareness. Transform what you transmit to the world, and what you express can become what you experience. This is how you begin to master your personal dimension of manifest reality!

Manifestation isn't a joke. It's a real thing. But most people struggle with it. Why?

One of the most common reasons:

The average person transmits a baffling cacophony of different thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs and energies that all contradict or cancel each other out.

Which transmission wins is often a gamble.

When you learn to align each of your five types of radiance towards a single focus, such as Love, Gratitude, Abundance, Pleasure... or whatever it is you desire to experience... you will hone your radiance like a spirit blade and it will rend the fabric of what-is to open the gateway into what shall be.

Here are the five types of radiance you already possess, and how you can use them to entice your dreams into reality...

1. Emotional Radiance


You feel it when others shower you with their love. You notice it when you walk into a room after two people just had an explosive fight. Emotional Radiance: You are not the only one who feels your emotions. And not every emotion you feel is actually yours.

Did you know that every emotion you emanate ~ as well as every emotion emanated towards you that you adopt ~ signals to the Universe that you are adding that emotion to your Manifestation Scoreboard?

Here's how it works. On one side of your Scoreboard you have LOVE. On the other side of the Scoreboard you have FEAR. There is no inbetween. The Universe is black and white this way. It's called duality.

Anyway, let's say that tomorrow morning you wake up and as you shuffle through your routine you mutter sarcastic remarks to your partner's offending dirty socks and enjoy a brief internal tirade as you count out all the ways said partner has disappointed you or ignore you or failed you in the past 48 hours.

That's like... let's say five points for FEAR. But hey, you love this person like you love pixie stick dust on gummy bears {I'm just kidding, that would be gross}, so when they walk into the kitchen you give them a kiss and genuinely enjoy the all-too-brief morning dance of coffee, kids {maybe} and breakfast to go. Let's call that six points for LOVE. You get the idea.

So there's Love and there's Fear.

All emotions radiate in the direction of one or the other. Like I said, there's no middle ground. So those little frustrations and everyday stresses? They point to Fear.

Seem a bit over-dramatic? Then check out this recent review of past studies revealing that chronic stress and anxiety can damage regions of the brain and lead to neuropsychiatric disorders like depression and dementia. You better believe that road is paved with good intentions, but it still leads to Fear.

And so when you feel more stress, anger, frustration, or disappointment and less appreciation, gratitude, and devotion... you're actually stacking the game against yourself. Your emotional radiance points toward Fear. And that means you're manifesting the things you don't want.

Activating your radiance toward the good stuff you do want  in life means honing your focus towards Love with emotions like joy, excitement, hope, pleasure, contentment and gratitude.

Such a simple idea. And yet most people find their emotions arising unconsciously. In fact, if you made a point tomorrow to take note of every single emotion you felt, you'd be shocked how many feelings you had that you normally wouldn't even notice. The million-dollar question is: Are those unconscious emotions naturally positive and love-affirming? Or are they negative and fear-based?

A quick tip to help you align your emotional radiance with love: Try beginning and ending each day with a ritual that celebrates abundance and emotionally excites or uplifts you. Choose an inspiring and visually powerful video, mantra, or song you can rock out to. It can even be a moment of meditation or a mental or verbal listing of everything you're grateful for. 

2. Perceptual Radiance


Your perceptual radiance is determined by how you habitually perceive the world. Based on the perceptions you consistently had in the past, your brain has hardwired itself to perceive your current reality in a specific way – and not necessarily an accurate way.

It has also created strong connections: pairing certain events, people and physical sensations… with particular emotional states. In other words, you are perceiving your present reality as a repetition of your past emotional experiences, even when the actual reality may be different. On top of that, what you perceive triggers those past emotions all over again!

This leads to a broken record of the past that is literally stamping out a well-worn path in your brain.

So once again, when you relive previous painful experiences with all their intense emotions, thought patterns and beliefs, you're stacking your Manifestation Scoreboard on the side of Fear.

Another consideration here is that the intensity of your emotion determines the weight given to it on your scoreboard. Rate the intensity of an emotion you're feeling on a scale of 1 to 10. The higher it is on your scale, the more it counts on the Scoreboard.

The challenge with mastering and honing your Perceptual Radiance is the fact that trying to perceive your perception is like trying to get a fish to conceptualize water. You're just in it. It's your entire reality and hence you're trained to take it for granted. Your brain filters out anything that doesn't match up with your perception, so at the conscious level you don't even see the things that could transform your ideas about what's true.

The simple fact is that the majority of your perceiving is subconscious and automatic, making this a difficult emanation to shift and consciously direct.

So what the heck do you do?

How can you rewire your brain to align your perception with your desires? If you are interested in emotional relief, spiritual awakening, higher consciousness or energy healing - I can't urge you enough to NOT discount your nervous system in all of this. It's what ties everything together and working with modalities that address your brain and nervous system, along with your preferred methods of healing, can be fantastically effective.

There are several modalities you can work with to clear the negative belief patterns, core emotional woundings, and trauma stored in your body, brain and nervous system. These are the ties that bind your perception to a default negative state.

Useful techniques include TRE {Trauma Release Exercises}, The Biko Method (A self-guided emotional clearing technique similar to Tapping) and a therapeutic practice called EMDR that is administered by a licensed practitioner or therapist.

If you yourself are a practitioner or healer of any kind, or you don't mind a hefty psychological read, I highly recommend Healing Developmental Trauma by Laurence Heller Phd and Aline Psyd Lapierre. I use their work in my own shamanic healing practice and the survival styles they describe help us understand how we developed our behaviors, perspectives and beliefs based on our childhood experiences. This can help you perceive your perception, so to speak. 🙂

3. Informational Radiance


Informational radiance is simply the knowledge and factual data you emit via communication and reasoning – with yourself or with others. The information you learn and commit to (through belief, teaching or demonstrating) is used to validate your perceptions and emotions. Therefore it is important to ensure that what you learn aligns with what you want to feel and perceive.

This does not mean ignoring facts or going into denial or ignorance. Rather, it's the simple decision to, let's say... stop watching the news if it pisses you off or depresses you. Honestly. A 2016 study found that among those who watch or read the news, staying connected to those information outlets has increased their anger. More than half of the respondents noted that they are more pissed off now than they were a year ago, and 68% admitted that they get angry at least once per day due to something they learn via the news.

Too many people only focus on informational radiance however. Don't be that guy. Though this type of radiance is important, by itself it is of little use. Applied knowledge is the key, so I will keep this exposition brief and continue on to the next type of radiance…

4. Behavioral Radiance


This is where the rubber meets the road. Your behavioral expressions include your thoughts, words, and actions. As children, our behaviors are immediate, genuine and in the moment. Yet as we grow up, engendered in culture and trained by the responses of authority figures and peers, we develop judgments on our behaviors and begin to solidify rigid, habitual behaviors that become automatic and unconscious. 

These habitual behaviors also tend to be the culmination of your other four types of radiance, in that your emotions, perception of reality and the information you learn all tend to dictate even the conscious actions you're willing to take. And this is where I take beef with a lot of the advice out there that tells people to just take action, just think good thoughts, just do it. Sure, there's a time and a place for that. But hitting your head against a brick wall 20 times isn't going to make that wall come down any faster, or your head feel any better.

Will power, unfortunately, is not an inexhaustible resource. Forcing a shift in your intended actions without accounting for your unconscious (habitual) behaviors and all your other unconscious emanations pretty much amounts to punching the fist of the Universe with your head.

It is your habitual behavior that needs to be transformed. Period. Because 5 intended actions cannot hope to compete with your 10,000 habitual words, distractions, procrastinations, physical postures, and habitual choices (such as what to eat or where to spend your time) that you make every single day.

Repetition helps us form new habits. But again, this takes constant will power when you're fighting against a part of you that doesn't want to change. Again, find modalities that work with your subconscious and help you shift at the level of your nervous system's wiring {recommended techniques are listed earlier in this article}.

5. Reciprocal Radiance


What we radiate returns to us. Likewise, what others radiate toward us can affect our own frequency. I touched on this briefly at the start of this article and so here we are, full circle. 🙂

Reciprocal radiance is the reason why your outer environment and the people you allow into your space can largely determine your own happiness and income levels. While no one else can be responsible for your happiness or make you happy, it's an unfortunate fact that others can absolutely affect the frequency of your radiance, and entrain you to match them where they are at.

How is this possible? At a scientific level it is because closed systems of energy must maintain equilibrium {based on the laws of thermodynamics}.

When you exchange energy with another person {through exchanging ideas, emotions, conversation or physical engagement} you open your system to their system and vice versa. Together you become a new closed system and must eventually reach equilibrium if you continue to share energy and stay in each other’s energy fields {which does not require close physical proximity, but rather emotional proximity}.

Therefore when someone projects or radiates towards you, and you engage or receive them in any way that allows “an exchange of energy,” you are naturally triggered to respond with a reciprocal transmission or projection of your own. We call it "going into a match" with someone. You can observe a similar phenomenon when you have manual clocks or swinging pendulums in a room together for long enough: They will eventually fall into perfect step with each other.

In light of this inevitable movement toward equilibrium with those we spend the most time with... 

Would you rather move toward equilibrium with someone that will pull your frequency down… or someone who will elevate your frequency higher?

For example, when someone showers you with supportive energy you will naturally feel peace, ease, protectedness and safety. When someone radiates love and joy you will naturally feel more buoyant and carefree or joyous around them. Now reciprocation requires flow both ways - so this would not be the case if you are closed off to a certain transmission, such as if you believe receiving supportive energy makes you weak or needy. You would then refuse to receive their energy and instead block it and throw a return energy that matches your perception of what has taken place. {Are we not maddeningly confusing creatures sometimes?!}

So you see, reciprocal radiance takes two or more. It's a tango. And it only works if both people are open to the exchange. When they are, it can be used to create a safe container for healing, learning, intimacy and more. This article is one of the many ways I transmit to you my own energy of love, honoring, humor and opening. If you are open to receiving it, we create a new being-ness together here. An environment for possibility, wisdom, discovery and play.

Will you join me? All it takes is to consciously transmit one of your five types of radiance back to me. Use your conscious thoughts, feelings, actions, or words. Invite the Mystery into your life that can begin to crack the edges of your current perception. Open up to possibility.

It is in that Space that we dance. 🙂

Hey. I’m Jaime.

I’m a clairvoyant energy healer, initiated shaman in the Q’ero Andean tradition, and teacher of manifestation and spiritual transformation since 2009.

I’m here to live a magical life, and to help you do the same. Let’s make it awesome.

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