What to Expect During Your Clairvoyant Healing

~ And How to Get the Most Out of Your Session! ~

During your session I will be communicating to and working directly with your spirit. I will relate to you what I see and hear and tell you when I am shifting into energy work on your system.

During the course of your session others may show up, such as living or deceased loved ones, spirit guides or angels who wish to communicate or work with you.

We can also call in anyone you like in the case of familial, relational or generational healings, so we can work the energies and space shared between you.

I feel like each part of me was heard and honored, and now I feel like I have fuller access to the aspects I need to bring out more often. When I was done [with my session] I couldn’t believe how powerful it was.Brooke Sinclair

“What kinds of questions
can I bring to the session?”

You can bring any question you’d like clarity on. Common questions I receive include:

  • Difficult decisions and which choice to make
  • Insights into a problematic or difficult relationship
  • To discover and heal the underlying cause of a depression, suffering or ennui you can’t snap out of
  • Dealing with unmet needs or unexpressed desires you don’t know how to handle or even where they came from
  • Where to focus your energies for the coming months or year, based on what you wish to accomplish
  • Problematic or confusing dreams you know are trying to tell you something
  • Figuring out your purpose or career advancements/switches
  • Clearing or healing karma
  • Looking at past lives
  • Looking at, and healing, the energetic, emotional or karmic causes of physical complaints
  • Resolving or updating soul agreements
  • Asking for messages from your spirit guides or loved ones
  • Or just to resolve and dissolve whatever is holding you back from what you want to achieve or experience in life

A Taste of What
Others Have Experienced…

I cannot state strongly enough that each person and each healing is unique. I am consistently amazed that in every new session, I encounter something unique, or we find a new way the energy system has adapted to earlier trauma, or a different way we need to approach cleansing and healing in a particular circumstance.

The benefit to clairvoyant healing is that I never come with a set process I’m going to follow. Nope, we just both dive in, see what comes up, and we follow the energy.

But that also means that I can’t give you a very concrete expectation for what will occur during our work together.

So in lieu of that, let me share a few examples… {And please understand that each client co-creates their healing, so just because one client experiences a spontaneous physical healing or a breakthrough in finances doesn’t mean this happens every time with every client. We each have our lessons to learn and no healing can bypass that. 🙂 }

“This relationship continues to shift and heal!”

“Jaime Mintun is an incredibly gifted healer and energy mover.  I have studied energy work for over 15 years and have worked with many different healers in my life.  I can honestly say, that my session with Jaime was one of the best I’ve ever had.  My session was empowering, deep, and made an immediate impact on my life.  

Some sessions I’ve received in the past, involved the healer telling me what THEY were seeing and what THEY were doing for the whole session.  Jaime included ME in every part of our session.  She kept checking in with me and let the session be guided by what I was feeling and noticing.  She asked me great questions to help clarify my intentions, and helped me get to some of my own information and my own imagery.  When she came to something that required extra work on her part, she explained it all in a really clear way, so that I felt included and empowered by every part of our session.  

We did a lot of work that day on a relationship that had been causing me pain and difficulty for a long time.   Immediately after the session my heart had softened and felt more open to this person.  And this person also began making some big changes in their life following the session.  This relationship continues to shift and heal!  I have never had such a big shift happen after energy work.  Jaime is a true healer.  She’s the real deal.  She has a huge heart and her warmth and compassion in themselves are healing.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Sirena Masket, OTR
CranioSacral Therapy
Empowering Body Based Healing


“I didn’t know such rapid change was possible”

“Before I began working with you I was stressing out beyond anything I had ever experienced.  Work was never-ending, I felt unsatisfied with my entire life, I did nothing with myself.  I indulged in the wrong things, and tied myself down when all I wanted was to be free of everything.  I literally had a few complete collapses and breakdowns. I was boiling over with anger and discontentment.

Now, in just weeks [working with you], my problems are melting and becoming insignificant.  My friends and everyone around me are waking up. It’s the weirdest thing, but just my new ‘way of being,’ as you say is inspiring other people to change!

One is going back to graduate school after floating around doing nothing for 2 years.  Another picked up a sport that they always wanted to do and now wants to take the speech classes. My brother has started to come out of his slump and become happy again by making changes happen.

I didn’t know such rapid change was possible, and now I’m finally excited to live my life. Thank you.”

~ Rebecca Shafer

A Man’s Rite of Passage…

A client we’ll call Steve came to me complaining of low energy and chronic relationship problems with women. During our initial talk I saw a mysterious {meaning it wanted to give off the impression of mystery}, almost separate energy in his space.

As I described this energy to him ~ and the sense that it lent a magical charisma, but at a cost to both him and the women in his life~ he agreed that others had noticed the energy and that he wanted it gone. Every woman he encountered would experience visions of past lives where they were soulmates, and believe he was their one and only. But then he’d feel constricted and run at the first opportunity.

As we entered into a multi-session healing package, he decided to name the energy to begin distancing himself from identifying with it. He named it the “Dark Shaman” and we saw that it produced a fascinating ‘program’ that would trigger when new women arrived in his life: Steve would give women an amazing experience of love, magic and romance… but soon these women would feel as though their energy were being drained, until they would lose their own luster, making them depressed and also unattractive to Steve, so that he’d leave and find the next energy fix.

In our second session we cleared the energy and program from his space and ended the agreement that allowed it to be there in the first place. We then performed a beautiful forgiveness ceremony whereby he was able to ask for, and receive, unconditional love and forgiveness from all the women he’d engaged in this dynamic.

Our remaining sessions focused on helping him shift the relational dynamics he’d developed in response to this energy so that he could move into a healthier way of relating to, and connecting with women. This led us to a new discovery of resentment, and desire for love from his mother when he was a child… as well as a lack of presence or kindness from his father.

We then continued for a few more sessions to work with the little boy who had split off from the larger personality of the client, and I invited him to connect with an elder man we both knew who could carry him through a rite of passage, like a father would for his pre-teen son. This would integrate and age the little boy in him who was seeking love and approval of the Mother, to then step forward as a Man to a Woman.

He has since been in a two-year relationship with a wonderful woman and has also found his finances and business prospects pick up too.

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