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Energy Healing


I didn’t know what I needed. I just knew I needed something. I was depressed, anxious and stressed. There were things I wanted to do – positive things – but I couldn’t get started. Perpetual procrastination. I saw that Jaime Mintun was doing this strange thing called “Clairvoyant Energy Healings” and I thought to myself “Why not try it? You have nothing to lose.”

Without getting into too much detail, it turns out, it was exactly what I needed. Jaime was so comforting as we discussed some very personal and painful things. I trusted her. After our session, I was smiling for no specific reason. I was no longer depressed, anxious or stressed. I was truly HAPPY for the first time in a long time. If you are considering booking Jaime, please do. I can’t see how it’s possible that you’d regret it.

A recommendation like this is different from most because while it’s a service, it is also very intimate and personal. Jaime Mintun has my highest personal recommendation and my highest professional recommendation. Get on her client roster now, before she becomes Internationally known, and booked forever. Because that is going to happen. Rob Braddock

I was blown away by Jaime Mintun’s ability. She was extremely accurate, and her skills and abilities were beyond my expectation. I was a bit nervous for my first session with her as I’ve never had a psychic healing before, but there was a wonderful ease about her and she was very casual, but also very serious if that makes sense.

She was very diligent about me getting what I needed but also what I wanted, which I really appreciated. I left the session feeling like I had things to work on and think about, instead of just saying “well that was interesting, now what?” Which is often what seems to happen. Genevieve LeMarchal | XXcelerateFund.com

I feel like each part of me was heard and honored, and now I feel like I have fuller access to the aspects I need to bring out more often. When I was done [with my session] I couldn’t believe how powerful it was.Brooke Sinclair

Thank you for everything you helped me with. Everything about everything is changing. I’m going to continue on this path. I have never felt so alive. Jessica Lai
Positively amazing. Jaime spoke to every fiber of MY being. Sherry Bradley

“This relationship continues to shift and heal!”

“Jaime Mintun is an incredibly gifted healer and energy mover.  I have studied energy work for over 15 years and have worked with many different healers in my life.  I can honestly say, that my session with Jaime was one of the best I’ve ever had.  My session was empowering, deep, and made an immediate impact on my life.  

Some sessions I’ve received in the past, involved the healer telling me what THEY were seeing and what THEY were doing for the whole session.  Jaime included ME in every part of our session.  She kept checking in with me and let the session be guided by what I was feeling and noticing.  She asked me great questions to help clarify my intentions, and helped me get to some of my own information and my own imagery.  When she came to something that required extra work on her part, she explained it all in a really clear way, so that I felt included and empowered by every part of our session.  

We did a lot of work that day on a relationship that had been causing me pain and difficulty for a long time.   Immediately after the session my heart had softened and felt more open to this person.  And this person also began making some big changes in their life following the session.  This relationship continues to shift and heal!  I have never had such a big shift happen after energy work.  Jaime is a true healer.  She’s the real deal.  She has a huge heart and her warmth and compassion in themselves are healing.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Sirena Masket, OTR
CranioSacral Therapy
Empowering Body Based Healing

“I didn’t know such rapid change was possible”

“Before I began working with you I was stressing out beyond anything I had ever experienced.  Work was never-ending, I felt unsatisfied with my entire life, I did nothing with myself.  I indulged in the wrong things, and tied myself down when all I wanted was to be free of everything.  I literally had a few complete collapses and breakdowns. I was boiling over with anger and discontentment.

Now, in just weeks [working with you], my problems are melting and becoming insignificant.  My friends and everyone around me are waking up. It’s the weirdest thing, but just my new ‘way of being,’ as you say is inspiring other people to change!

One is going back to graduate school after floating around doing nothing for 2 years.  Another picked up a sport that they always wanted to do and now wants to take the speech classes. My brother has started to come out of his slump and become happy again by making changes happen.

I didn’t know such rapid change was possible, and now I’m finally excited to live my life. Thank you.”

~ Rebecca Shafer

Coaching & Speaking Engagements

Jaime Mintun was just wonderful! I also feel the awakening of women as we learn to live from our heart space, and Jaime so clearly guided us to more understanding. She is a beautiful generous spirit. I am grateful.Lori Taylor

Oh WOW. What a punch Jaime packed into that interview. I’m 63 and I wish I had had all this information and way of living when I was in the working world. However, that’s not to say I can’t embrace all these wonderful concepts now and live a full self-connected life from now on! I’ve downloaded as much as I can from Jaime’s site and am thrilled with going through her 60 day process. Thank you for such a wonderful interview!Linda Hauley

Jaime was beyond inspiring and her techniques were new and refreshing and opened up new thoughts/ areas of my mind. So ThankfulCarrie Magill

I’ve never met anyone who understood things well enough to challenge my way of thinking… I was utterly intrigued at the fact that Jaime found her way to the source of the problem as quickly as she did, I NEVER EVER open up to people like that.Mark Morgan

I have listened to every single call [of the Wish Summit, where I was interviewed] last year and this year, sometimes late at night in bed, sometimes on my iPod on a subway… Jaime’s call hit me more than any other…

Her experience she shared with us so openly and the exercise of allowing all parts of myself to dance on the same floor 😉 and acknowledging all of them, all of it gave me permission to be free from blame and guilt. I feel lighter, I feel more fluid and I feel more grounded, more connected. Thank you [Wish Summit] and thank you Jaime.Anna Kowalska

I deeply admire you in many ways- as a human being, as a woman and as a teacher, Jaime. I love reading your blog and any work you create because you are so open, so radiantly loving, and so raw. Marjorie Galangco


Holy smokes!!! Jaime has definitely opened up an issue that I thought I was finished with but apparently I haven’t.Marietta Muna

I can’t believe how lucky I am. I’ve missed SO many calls but I caught tonight’s talk with Jaime Mintun. OMG! My Task Master looked stern, hands on hips – it was my Mother! Crazy! The Wounded Warrior was me as a child & the Saucy Minx was me but YOUNG & happy & carefree. This was an amazing experience. Can’t wait to do this whole exercise again in a relaxed setting. THANK YOU for introducing us to Jaime Mintun!!

[This is in reference to an exercise I often take audiences through to connect to three core aspects of themselves that are often in conflict, to bring them into an aligned and delicious dance]Julie Coles

Alchemical Marketing

You are beyond brilliant! I absolutely love what you did…. I am so grateful (and I want whatever writing gene you have that allowed you to do that so well). With huge gratitude! Marci Shimoff, Bestselling Author of Love For No Reason and Happy For No Reason (and featured in The Secret)

Jaime has *done it* at the highest of levels for many years now, and is without a doubt one of the brightest individuals I have had the pleasure of working with… her off-the-cuff insights in a single conversation have put thousands of dollars in my pocket.

In terms of her intuition… she is a trend setter and usually way ahead of the herd. That’s the difference… someone who walks the walk with integrity and one of the best reputations in the marketing world. Anyone at the top of the [digital marketing] industry knows who she is… and knows she’s the real deal. Vince James

Jaime, I’m blown away by how good your copy is. Wow. Thank you so much. You are amazing. Katherine Woodward Thomas, creator and author of Conscious Uncoupling

Compared to all of the stuff I’ve read from every Internet Marketer or trainer out there, Jaime is the best brand builder and marketing coach I’ve come across. None of her trainings have fluff. This is all enlightening, ACTIONABLE information. Rob in Charlotte

I dunno if you know Jaime personally… but I got involved with David Wolfe for a launch shortly after Jaime worked with him. It was my first real gig. Jaime was the first person I called for advice when it came to cut the deal. Ya… that little bit of advice was worth $15,500 😀 Rock solid. Whatever she offers is worth every friggin’ penny. Adam Lipinski

I gotta say, you have a class and style above most. How you present yourself and communicate with folks, priceless. It really speaks volumes of who you are at your core. 😉 Good peeps.Addison Hollands


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