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elcome to the threshold of a new beginning. If you are like most seekers, you are well aware that beginnings are a delicate time. Too often they are aborted, becoming frustrated half-starts that stack shame when you had hoped to support your soul.

It happens to the best of us. Yet eventually we must strike out again into the unknown. Without assurances. Often towing a LOT of baggage.

And yet… the new adventure still beckons. Something deep within you begs to answer it. Why? Because it is a necessary departure from that slow and monotonous death of the spirit you will face if you remain.

You know what it’s like to feel caged. And what is wild and true within you cannot survive such capture.

Together we can weave you a new story. One that journeys you out of your stuck places and into new and magical terrain ~ to the life you desire.

Step into the LIFECRAFT Experience…

The 4 Pillars of
The LIFECRAFT Experience

At this time, I am working one-on-one with a select group of individuals to architect a personalized adventure and LIFECRAFT experience for each person ~ with one-on-one coaching, healings and review of all your ‘coursework’ to ensure you’re getting the most out of the process.

I have a few spots open and so you are welcome to request a free consult so we can chat and see if it feels like a fit {our chat might last longer than 30-minutes due to the level of commitment this program requires. You will not be charged for that time}.

In the late Summer or Fall of 2017 I will make this experience available to the public in an Online Course + Live Interactive Quests & Offline Experiences.

The LIFECRAFT process is designed to help you both architect, and experience, the adventure of your choice ~ to achieve a specific goal… knock out that bucket list… achieve mastery or spiritual awakening… or to live out your destiny. Some people just need more pleasure, fun and novelty in their life. Others seek desperately to get unstuck and to be deeply fulfilled. Others still feel they have this destiny they are meant for or have chosen, that they can’t seem to embody or live into.

Whatever your reasons, the LIFECRAFT process works, because it engages multiple dimensions of your being that encode and determine your life experience:

1. Your Brain’s Affinity For Story & Novelty
The first pillar of the LIFECRAFT process is the architecture of story, as seen in the mythic mapping of The Hero’s Journey. This is because your brain is literally wired for story.

Story, as it turns out, was crucial to our evolution — more so than opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs let us hang on; story told us what to hang on to. Lisa Cron, Wired for Story

Scientists now believe that story is the mechanism nature used to ensure we survived. Our neural circuitry is wired to crave, seek and remember story. Cognitive psychology and neuroscience have also revealed what Joseph Campbell first suggested in 1949: There is an implicit framework that must exist at the foundation of any story in order for it to ignite interest and passion in the brain.

Additionally, you have a small area in your cerebral cortex called Broca’s Area. Alongside language processing, Broca serves as a sort of gatekeeper to your consciousness. As data floods in, Broca decides what is familiar {non-threatening} and sends it to the subconscious brain where existing programs know how to respond to, or file the information. In order to re-route information to the conscious brain so that you can react fresh and in-the-moment, without any pre-determined context, you have to surprise Broca. This means delivering it something it hasn’t experienced before.

Why is this important?

Well have you ever wondered why every story begins with the Hero leaving his or her ordinary world? Or why you feel fresh and engaged in life when something new happens to you or you go on vacation? Novelty and uncertainty are crucial for creating permanent change in your life. They are also a powerful catalyst for your lifeforce, building energy and momentum behind you.

Taken together, these tell us that:

1) Your brain will continue to reinforce your old life story until you consciously design and deliver it a new story, and that…

2) You need elements of novelty to get past the brain’s gatekeeper if you hope to permanently break free of your old life script.

2. Your Available Lifeforce & Capacity For Living
You can wish and want and mentalize the best damned life imaginable, and it will do you little good if you don’t have the lifeforce and capacity to make it real, and live it out loud. This comes down to three things:

  1. Your nervous system and its ability to regulate.
    This can be impacted by trauma, health, and factors that can cause your nervous system to dysregulate, reducing the body’s ability to regenerate lifeforce.

  2. Your body’s overall health and liquidity.
    Your somatic experiencing ~ the body’s felt sensation ~ affects your brain, nervous system and experience of reality as much as your internal perspective or world-view. Maybe more. Liquidity is the opposite of rigidity. When the body is frozen, the nervous sytem is more likely to get frozen, meaning it cannot complete its regulation cycles. This can lead to your life becoming frozen.

  3. Your soul or psyche’s wholeness.
    Trauma, negative experiences and physical pain, surgery or accidents can cause soul loss, or cause parts of your psyche to fracture off. This locks up massive amounts of your lifeforce that become unavailable to the total organism, your total being. When you reclaim these lost parts, you feel more embodied, connected, and vital. It’s easier to manifest and direct your life because all of you is here, in your body, and all of you is present to the task at hand.

3. The Transformative Power of Pleasure & Movement
Once you have the personal power and lifeforce to both create and enjoy the life journey you desire, the next pillar is all about action. But not just any kind of action. Most push you to focus on the should’s and shouldn’t’s. But the key is to generate the energies of pleasure and play into your life and, perhaps most importantly, to maintain forward momentum and expansion.

You see this necessity in the stages of The Hero’s Journey, the mythic structure underlying every myth, creation story, novel, play, movie and fantastic piece of gossip. If you want your brain and subconscious to naturally hop on board with your goals and desires… if you want to stay one step ahead of the natural ebb and flow of your life ~ to work the archetypal challenges that are bound to arise on YOUR terms, rather than being blindsided by them ~ you can engage the stages of The Hero’s Journey to do so.

There’s a reason our brain is wired for story. As I said earlier, it’s not just for survival. It’s for evolution and that includes your personal evolution.

4. Your Sovereign Nature As Creator & Author of Your Experience
For the average person, the majority of their life is architected by their core wounding, previous pain, and the fears they develop as they grow up. Only a few precious moments or ‘escapes’ are created by their own sovereign nature, what shamans often call The Essential Self. Add to that the fact that modern scientists and psychologists believe that we live pre-determined scripts created by our cellular DNA and early developmental experiences… and there isn’t much hope for you penning the epic of your own lived experience.

Yet you are designed to be a Creator. You wield a personal power to author your own life. I will teach you energetic postures for sovereignty and help you cleanse the blocks and invalidating energies that often veil The Essential Self, so that you can embark on your own Hero’s Journey that reveals your Self to your Self. Once you witness your own Essential Self ~ The Hero With a Thousand Faces ~ you can step into any aspect of your being, including that of the Author, and consciously create any adventure you desire, at any time.

These are Pillars, not steps, and so you will be engaging them each simultaneously throughout the process. This allows for rapid creation and expansion without sacrificing the deeper transformations that lead to permanent results.

How We Can Work Together

Until the LIFECRAFT Program launches as an Online Course + Live Interactive Experiences, we will work together one-on-one via phone or skype, email, and optional in-person adventures or travel experiences.

I will journey you through the above four pillars and also through a variety of experiences and one-on-one interactions:

  • Physical Journey through a Physical Health Protocol customized to you {I work with a Naturopathic Doctor who will do a hair sample analysis to determine your body’s chemical needs, organ and system health, and more}
  • Neural Re-Mapping via Somatic Experiencing, Shamanic Therapeutic Tools and NeuroAffective Exercises
  • Shamanic Questing through guided meditative journeys and journaling
  • Mythic Mapping to architect your desired experience in the mythic realms and empower them with powerful archetypes and forces that will help you co-create your desire in manifest reality
  • Lifestyle Design mapped to the Hero’s Journey through Worksheets, Practical Trainings & More
  • Personal One-On-One Coaching
  • Personal One-On-One Clairvoyant Energy Healings
  • Destiny Tracking and Soul Retrievals I can conduct on your behalf {beginning in June 2017}
  • Optional Travel Adventures you’ll be notified of, and can join. I’m also open to architecting a travel adventure for you/the group based on what you wish to experience or create
  • Optional In-Person Medicine Journeys to encounter your deep subconscious material in a safe, supportive community utilizing altered states and healing modalities

All details are customizable to you and your situation, and you can pick and choose which parts of the overall program you wish to pursue. To get started with a no-obligation 30-minute chat, just fill out this quick questionnaire so I have an idea what you’re looking for and how I can best meet your needs.

Then I’ll get back to you to schedule a chat!

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