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Your #1 Crystal Grid for Abundance, Wealth & Money Now

rystals naturally hold and amplify certain frequencies that resonate with different intentions. When you design them into a crystal grid for abundance, you further enhance their manifesting power with cosmic design and the patterns of life.

But what if you've never used a crystal grid before? What if you don't even quite get what they do or why they work?

No worries!! You are not alone.

I myself only began working with crystal grids last year... and let me tell you, they are worth it! Uber potent!

Like you might, I had very specific and practical questions when I first began, that I needed answered in order to make sense of these snazzy altar-like manifesting devices...

So in this guide, I cover each step and element of crystal grid creation so that you can quickly and easily create and benefit from your very own crystal grid for money, abundance and wealth.


What Are Crystal Grids &
Why Do They Work?

Crystal grids are a selection of various stones or crystals placed intentionally along the points of a geometric design, either the shape of a platonic solid, or a sacred geometric form.

There are two reasons why plotting your crystals into a geometric grid exponentially magnifies the power of your manifesting crystals...

Sacred Geometry represents the vibrational patterns that all life, earthly and cosmic, is derived from.

By utilizing these basic patterns of life, the literal building blocks of all energy and matter, we can combine and focus the energy of our chosen crystals when placed along these grids.

Every crystal has a geometric structure or "energy lattice" that generates the particular frequency of that crystal.

All crystals fall into one of six internal energy lattices, or geometric structures. {This is referred to as material structure in scientific circles.}

The key to designing an effective crystal grid for manifestation is to pair the right crystals to the right geometric grid design, and in the right place on that design, based on its internal lattice structure.

Your Crystal Grid for Abundance Uses the Seed of Life

crystal grid for abundance seed of life

The Seed of Life is an ancient geometric form that represents the seven stages of creation. It is an ever-expanding design of growth. In fact, if you watch the first seven stages of mitosis following inception of a human fetus, you will see the Seed of Life form.

We use this powerful form for our abundance crystal grid because it is the manifestation of a vibrating pattern that physically becomes matter to create the reality we live in.

It also stands for birth, new beginnings, and infinite possibilities from this single gateway. All the unique, varying and ever-changing forms of life in our universe manifest out of this same initiating vibrational pattern.

When placing your grid, you can use a carved or drawn out design that shows the full form of the Seed of Life as the base of your grid. This is ideal, however it is not required.

First I'll walk you through how to create a physical grid base... then I'll walk you through how to place your stones without one.

How to Create Your Seed of Life Grid Base

Decide where you'll place your grid and any other altar items you might want to place around it. Then decide how big it will be.

Since this is a crystal grid for abundance, you want to place it somewhere there is energy flow. You might consider placing it near where you work at home or in your office. Or, if you prefer the energetics of Feng Shui, place it in the Wealth & Prosperity corner of your home {according to the famous bagua map of Feng Shui} ~ which is the rear left area of your home, compared to the front entrance.

Once you know where it will be placed, figure out the appropriate size for your grid. Make sure it can be placed somewhere near living plants, as their energy is important for growth. Energetically, money does literally grow on trees! Or rather through the growth energy of trees and plants... 😉

Based on the size of your desired grid, use a cup, the base or top of a bowl, or other round item of appropriate size to draw the circles of your grid.

Then use either of the following resources to draw your Seed of Life. I recommend drawing it on thick construction paper, poster board, or etching it into a wood disc.

How to Draw the Seed of Life, Step By Step

You can also use a ruler and compass following this instructional video's steps:

And that's it! Place your cystal grid base and then move on to our discussion of selecting and placing your crystals!

If You Want to Place Your Crystal Grid without a Visual Base Design...

  1. Go ahead and print out the seed of life on a normal piece of paper.

  2. Using a ruler, measure the diameter of each circle and note the distance between all key points where you'll be placing your crystals {more on crystal placement later}.

  3. Then multiply your measurements by the degree of increase you want your own grid's size to be. For example, if you want your actual grid twice the size of your printed image, double all your measurements.

  4. Beginning at the center of your design, place your Focus Crystal {explained in the next section}. Then, looking carefully at your reference design, measure out from there and place your crystals as shown in the below diagram.

Then use the next section to place the crystals, using your ruler to measure and place them along key points and lines, rather than the grid base design.

Note: Not interested in drawing your own grid base, but nervous about placing your crystals without a visual base?

Do a quick search online or on Etsy and you'll find plenty of crystal grid kits for sale. In particular, search for a "seed of life crystal grid kit."

How to Select & Place Your Crystals

In the final section of this guide, I'll give you two potent crystal recipes for your grid.

However in this section, we are going to identify the type of stones that are placed, and their function in the grid.

When you understand the nature of each type of stone in your grid, you'll have more freedom to explore and experiment with your own combinations of crystals because you know what each one has to do for your grid to have maximum potency.

The Center: The Focus Stone

The Focus Stone is the crystal located at the very center of any crystal grid. It is so named because it focuses the power of your grid by collecting universal life force energy and channeling it through the rest of the grid.

The Focus Stone draws its energy down and inward into its own energy lattice, which then radiates the energy out to the other crystals along the pathways of your grid.

When selecting the Focus Stone best suited for your crystal grid for abundance, you want to awaken supportive energies of clarity, intuition, or divine guidance. These qualities are the foundation of joyous and aligned wealth creation, because to make money, you need to see clearly where it can and cannot be acquired.

While you can use any type of crystal for your Focus Stone, you'll want your remaining grid stones {except your Perimiter Stones} to be of a similar material structure to whatever you choose here.

The Inner Ring: The Way Stones

Your Way Stones surround your Focus Stone, modifying its energy as it travels down the paths of your crystal grid. 

Way Stones honor the truth of manifestation in our physical dimension ~ it is often not an immediate or direct creation, but rather winding along stages, around challenges, and through any number of varying opportunities.

The stones you choose as your Way Stones provide assistive energy to keep you going, to take your intermediate steps towards your desire, and to keep the energy flowing.

Traditionally, Way Stones are chosen for rich color, as their color frequency will be important. Often opaque, richly colored crystals work better than translucent, pale or clear ones. You also want to select a color different from your Focus Stone so that you're adding a new and complimentary frequency to your grid.

The Outer Ring: Your Desire Stones

At the outermost edges of your grid you will place your Desire Stones. These represent the completion of your intention and desired results. These crystals will closely relate to the specific purpose of your grid. In this case, they will be of a crystal known for magnetizing abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Again, you want both your Way Stones and your Desire stones to share a similar energy lattice structure to whatever Focus Stone you selected.

To identify the material structure {energy lattice} type of most common crystals, reference this Index here. Refer to the crystal's Material Structure, and find other crystals sharing that structure for your grid.

They also have an index of more uncommon crystals here.

Setting Good Boundaries: Your Perimeter Stones

Now that you've got lots of universal juice flowing through your grid, it's important to set outer boundaries to protect against negative influences that could undermine or distort your manifestations.

There are two types of crystals you'll want to use for your Perimeter:

  • Barrier Stones with a Triclinic material structure
  • Dispeller Stones with an Orthorhombic material structure

Again, you can use the above linked indexes to identify which crystals can be used as Barrier or Dispeller Stones in your Perimeter.

Another easy way to select Perimeter Stones is to research which crystals protect against outside influences (Barrier), and which are great for cleansing spaces of any existing negative energies (Dispeller).

Select a type of Barrier Stone for your perimeter if your primary aim is to repel ill will or negative influences. Use a type of Dispeller Stone if you want to instead dispel any possible negative energy already present.

You can also mix and match both Barrier and Dispeller stones, and you can place them however you like around your design.

An Example of Placement for Your Crystal Grid for Abundance

Recommended Crystals for Each Element of Your Grid

Okay, I know that was a lot to cover! While most of us first notice the specific crystals in any given grid, selecting the right crystals for your abundance crystal grid requires understanding all the other elements we just covered.

At least we're now to the fun part!

Below I give you two "crystal recipes" for your grid. Feel free to experiment beyond these!

Crystal Grid Recipe #1: Money Focus

This grid is perfect for those specifically desiring financial increase, i.e. physical money in the bank!

Focus Stone: Amethyst for clear sight and higher consciousness; bringing self-knowledge, divinely guided perception and intuitive insight to your money endeavors

Way Stones: Prehnite for ongoing determination along your path; receptivity and intelligence for discernment and positive choices

Desire Stones: Green Aventurine for good fortune, heart-centered wealth, prosperity and material success; also brings with it safety and heart healing

Perimeter Stones: Tourmalinated Quartz... or half Tourmaline and half clear quartz. Tourmaline protects against negative energies and clear quartz dramatically amplifies its power

Crystal Grid Recipe #2: Wealth Focus

This grid is perfect for those desiring a more well-rounded abundance, such as creation of financial wealth in a way that feels aligned with their passion, creativity, joy and soul purpose.

Focus Stone: Atlantisite pyramid, to bring the energies of discipline, independence and determination

Way Stones: Dark Stichtite, for wisdom, discernment, good judgment and maturity

Desire Stones: Jade, for great luck, wealth and lifestyle; to bring good fortune, prosperity, productivity and growth

Perimeter Stones: Obsidian for protection against outside negative influences and Rose Quartz for cleansing your physical, energetic and emotional space around money

And there you go! Once you've created your abundance crystal grid, don't forget to charge it however you prefer. I'll be sure to write up a quick guide on that too once I have a chance!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting. What about the quality of the crystals you use? Does it matter if we buy it from a mystic or healers shop.

    1. Post

      Crystal quality can definitely matter, however as these are tools that enhance your own personal power, YOU are the most important equation here. What I recommend is that you look for crystals that have decent clarity, meaning they’re not dull or faded. Also because we work with color vibration in crystal grids, if you’re looking for a colored crystal, make sure it’s a bright vibrant color and not a faded color.

      Also, notice how you feel when you hold different crystals. Do you feel drawn to it, kind of anxious or uncomfortable? Pick crystals you feel drawn to.

      Most importantly, no matter how a crystal comes to you or from where, you can cleanse and charge it for your purposes. I’ll be writing articles about this in the near future, but for you now, make sure you cleanse any crystals you buy with smudge smoke or sea salt or by leaving it out in the sun or moon for several hours. Your intention and power are key here, so when cleansing the crystal, simply talk to it. Command with love that any and all energies that are of a low vibration or that do not serve the highest aspects of your intention immmediately leave. Only that which serves you may remain.

    1. Post

      Scientific studies come out daily that all contradict each other. I don’t pretend I have all the answers. I just know what works in my own experience and I share it with love. 🙂 Science regularly attempts to disprove energy healing and psychic abilities, yet I am a professionally trained clairvoyant who studied the science of sight for nearly 5 years and after conducting hundreds of healings… well I trust what I know. Do I want to play a “prove it to me” game with anyone? Goodness no. I just keep living what feels good and sharing what feels true. But then I’m a feeler. You’re a brilliant thinker. So there we are. 🙂

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