Alchemical Marketing Training
For Practitioners, Healers
& Conscious Businesses

~ Marketing Strategy | Client Acquisition | Course Creation & Launch | Traffic & Ads | Website & Web Copy | Email Marketing | Social Media ~


re you a new practitioner wanting to build your business, establish a website, and grow your client base? Or are you wanting to hone your online marketing activities to increase profits without burying yourself in research, work, and tons of trial and error?

Perhaps you want to publish a book or launch an online course… or you’re confused about which email marketing system is best, whether you need fancy marketing software, or how to get clients from Facebook Ads?

If so, I totally get it and you are not alone.

Nearly every healer, practitioner, massage therapist and yoga instructor tells me they just want to focus on servicing their clients.

Not only is marketing uncomfortable and unenjoyable for many practitioners; for some, it feels downright dirty. And hey, I get it: Persuading someone that they need your services can feel antithetical to who you are. It can be a challenge to explain precisely what it is you do when you’re working on so many subtle, energetic, multidimensional or deeply intuitive levels. Plus, who wants to feel like they’re tooting their own horn, right?

So that’s where I come in.

I did it all backwards. 🙂 I started out as a sales copywriter, marketer and launch strategist. Before the age of 30 I was rocking multimillion dollar launch campaigns for the biggest names in self-help and spirituality. Once or twice I even pocketed six figures in a single month myself.

You are beyond brilliant! I absolutely love what you did…. I am so grateful (and I want whatever writing gene you have that allowed you to do that so well). With huge gratitude! Marci Shimoff, Bestselling Author of Love For No Reason and Happy For No Reason (and featured in The Secret)

Then, as my career continued to take off, old unresolved trauma surfaced and I shifted towards healing and spiritual exploration as a matter of self-preservation.

Fast forward 8 years and I am now the very practitioner and coach I used to help! My shamanic tools, clairvoyance and ability to cleanse, move and mold energies lets me engage varying dimensions other marketers cannot reach. This gives me a singular perspective and ability to approach your business growth and marketing strategies alchemically.

The Nature of Alchemical Marketing:
I begin with your quintessence and we then transform the base metals of marketing tactics, technology and tools into the gold of a cohesive message and marketing organism that expresses love, healing energies and transformative connection to all who encounter you ~ whether they hire you or not.

THAT is the way of the sages and bodhisattvas: Their very presence transforms and heals. They are magnetic to those who seek them for this very reason. And ironically, those who market in this way generate more income then those who withold and persuade.

The unfortunate truth is that most marketers can only parrot your language for what you do and plug it into their sales, website and email templates. You’re left feeling disjointed and inauthentic. Your audience is left confused and uninterested.

But I understand the nature of your quintessence. I’ll help you identify yours, shape the message of your brand around that, and walk you through how to craft everything else so that you can grow your business and attract clients without sacrificing your heart and soul.

Jaime has *done it* at the highest of levels for many years now, and is without a doubt one of the brightest individuals I have had the pleasure of working with… her off-the-cuff insights in a single conversation have put thousands of dollars in my pocket.

In terms of her intuition… she is a trend setter and usually way ahead of the herd. That’s the difference… someone who walks the walk with integrity and one of the best reputations in the marketing world. Anyone in the [digital marketing] industry knows who she is… and knows she’s the real deal. Vince James


Jaime, I’m blown away by how good your copy is. Wow. Thank you so much. You are amazing. Katherine Woodward Thomas, creator and author of Conscious Uncoupling

How We Can Work Together

Once you and I have a chance to chat and we’re clear on what you need, I’ll give you a clear proposal and breakdown of how I feel I can best support you. And of course, we can work with your budget. To give you an idea, here’s a comprehensive look at all the elements I consider with any new Alchemical Marketing client:

1. First we identify your core essence as a practitioner and use that to shape your core message. I utilize both my clairvoyance and a specific branding exercise for this. Yes, what you might want is more traffic, or to get your blog posts more readership, or to increase referrals. But those are tactics. They only work when they are directed to an aligned foundation that communicates who you are and why it matters. This is your bullseye so that every marketing activity we pursue hits its target.

2. Next step is to review all your offline materials, advertisements, and online presence ~ specifically your current website. We will focus on upleveling your online presence, which may include a website overhaul or getting one set up for you. {Any of these steps you don’t want to do yourself can be done by a fantastic web development team I’ll connect you to. They’re affordable and top quality.} If you want to focus on FB ads or social media, I will also review and help you optimize your social profiles and outreach strategy. Our focus will be aligning all of your offline and online presence to your Core Message.

3. We transform your website into a dynamic marketing organism. Based on your needs and budget, I’ll recommend free and paid systems, plugins and tools and help you get them configured so that you have a compelling offer for people to subscribe to your email list… easy ways for people to contact you and/or book paid sessions… and make sure that on every page there is a “Call to Action” inviting readers along their buyer’s journey.

Energetically, you and I will hold the entity of your business and website in a blessing session where we infuse it with your intention to call in your healing agreements, as well as financial prosperity, and also to infuse it with healing and transformative energies for whomever comes across it.

4. The final dimension of your website we’ll tackle is its gravity. Does it draw people in? Does it keep them there? We will increase this gravity, or what marketers call “stickiness,” to get people visiting more often, staying longer, and basically falling in love with all things you! This includes the right kind of social share buttons, seamless bridges between their experience on your website and further connection on Yelp!, Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube… tweaking overall aesthetic, readability and navigability of your site, and types of content you can provide that get your particular audience excited and repeatedly engaging your website.

5. Review of your practice or business {This step will actually happen simultaneously with the previous steps}. Here I look at how you work with your clients, how you’ve set up your business legal structure, and how you document your work with clients. I am not a lawyer, however I have a lot of experience in this arena and can advise you on ways to reduce expenses and streamline business operations. We’ll also cover ways you can use non-sensitive client information to enhance your referral, outreach and marketing efforts. We’ll explore profit gaps in your business and where we can increase your revenues per session {with creative ways to add true value and aligned offerings} and lifetime customer value while keeping your clients positively ecstatic and coming back for more.

6. Once we have the fundamentals locked in, we’ll move into the growth or marketing areas you’re most interested in. I actually recommend against solo entrepreneurs and practitioners pursuing all marketing channels or strategies simultaneously. It’s just too much for one person or a small team to do. Better to stake your claim just on Facebook and YouTube, or just on Yelp! and Pinterest, or focus primarily on email marketing and SEO then to try and do it all.

For just about every growth, course creation or marketing strategy, I have templates, step-by-step guides and swipe files {examples of what’s worked so you can model it} that I can share with you. And of course I’ll be there to guide you and review what you create!

So even though certain steps may feel overwhelming, you’ll have editorial content calendars, blog type templates for a list post versus a comparison post, and so forth. Everything will be plug and play when we get to implementation!

Compared to all of the stuff I’ve read from every Internet Marketer or trainer out there, Jaime is the best brand builder and marketing coach I’ve come across. None of her trainings have fluff. This is all enlightening, ACTIONABLE information. Rob in Charlotte
I dunno if you know Jaime personally… but I got involved with David Wolfe for a launch shortly after Jaime worked with him. It was my first real gig. Jaime was the first person I called for advice when it came to cut the deal. Ya… that little bit of advice was worth $15,500 😀 Rock solid. Whatever she offers is worth every friggin’ penny. Adam Lipinski

Interested? Here’s What to Do Next…

I’ve been a professional marketer and copywriter for 13 years. Click here to see that I happen to have ZERO problem tooting my own horn. 🙂 I’ve trained consultants to help them build and grow their businesses and I’ve designed, written and managed several multimillion dollar product and course launches for healers, wellness experts, coaches and authors. That said, I’ve decided to consolidate my energies solely towards healing and supporting other practitioners in facilitating the rise in consciousness we are all being called towards.

As any shaman might say, “The soul must often be cooked to ripen it for growth.” We the healers and practitioners are the ones assisting our fellow brothers and sisters in this phase of alchemical conflagration or cooking. Marketing is no longer about just growing your practice or making more money. It’s about being available to the fullness of your destiny ~ for your own growth and joy, and for the benefit of those you desire to help. I focus on all these aspects holistically so that they each reinforce the others. You will flourish, as will your clients.

We will work one-on-one together as outlined above. I’ll be guiding you every step of the way, helping you shape your messaging, reviewing any and all materials you create, and I will give you detailed feedback and recommendations. Anything you don’t want to do yourself {such as configuring your website or writing articles}, I will have affordable recommendations for people I trust that can help you.

Because this is very time-intensive and personalized on my part, it can get a bit pricey compared to a DIY course. However, only 2% to 5% of people complete the trainings they purchase. At least this way I’m there to lovingly kick your ass into gear and make sure you get your results!

If you want to blend business coaching with clairvoyant energy healing sessions, please let me know when you request your free consult. We can work out a discounted bundle option for you. 🙂

Requirements for Business & Marketing Coaching:

  • We’ll start off by having a quick 30-minute chat {free consult} to see if we feel like a fit for each other. Once I am clear on your needs and areas of focus, I’ll draft up a quick proposal for you outlining my pricing, coaching topics and timeline, 6-month objective, and how we’ll track progress.

  • Coaching clients commit to, at minimum, 6 months coaching with at least 2 coaching sessions per month {this is negotiable if you’re an incredible self-starter and take direction well}. It’s hard to get you where you want to go without digging into all the areas of your business and marketing. After your initial 6 months we can review and see if month-to-month is appropriate or if another 6 months is recommended.

  • You won’t be limited to our phone sessions. You’ll have my direct, personal email address and can contact me any time. I am here to review things, answer questions and help you choose your next steps in between our sessions.

  • You have to do the work. I’ll help you shape your message and how you present your services, and give you templates, step-by-step guidance and examples you can model. But at the end of the day what your clients are buying is YOU. The nitty gritty implementation can be outsourced, and I’ll help you with that. Just commit to doing the work and staying present.

  • This can be as DIY as you please, or as hands-free as you like. It will come down to a balance of time versus money, which I can help you navigate based on your needs, strengths and preferences.

Sound good? I think so too… so hop to it! Hit me up and let’s see what magic we can make.

Request a Free Consult!

Jaime was beyond inspiring and her techniques were new and refreshing and opened up new thoughts/ areas of my mind. So ThankfulCarrie Magill
I’ve never met anyone who understood things well enough to challenge my way of thinking… I was utterly intrigued at the fact that Jaime found her way to the source of the problem as quickly as she did, I NEVER EVER open up to people like that.Mark Morgan
I deeply admire you in many ways- as a human being, as a woman and as a teacher, Jaime. I love reading your blog and any work you create because you are so open, so radiantly loving, and so raw. Marjorie Galangco
I gotta say, you have a class and style above most. How you present yourself and communicate with folks, priceless. It really speaks volumes of who you are at your core. 😉 Good peeps.Addison Hollands