Such a Pleasure to Meet You…

Hello. 🙂 I am Jaime Mintun, and I greet you, head bowed, in deep honoring. You are here. And I am so glad.

About Pages are interesting creatures. I Am is such a powerful declaration. While I use it elsewhere on this site for the sake of brevity and clarity, here I want to treat the question honestly. Who am I?

Like you, I am so many things. Most of them unutterable because they are beyond language. So here, let me share what I do. And then the mystery that I am, and the mystery you are, can begin to unfold and intertwine as we weave this new connection together. 🙂

What I Do…

I currently provide clairvoyant energy healing, as well as a variety of trainings and personal coaching ~ most of it centered around helping you become the Master Storyteller of your own life so that you can create and experience what your soul came here for. To this end, you will find Medicine Stories on this website, which are healing stories that speak to your subconscious as well as your conscious mind. You will also find articles and tools that represent the shamanic approach to healing.

Most importantly, I will be endlessly inviting you into the Journey. A journey so many today try to streamline and whitewash with one-size-fits-all advice. But the true Journey is singular for each of us. And we should celebrate the limitless ways it manifests:

The delicious emergence… the seductive chaos of divine destruction… the reverence of resurrection…

What if you could learn to ride the fall into the windfall of all you desire? What if you could design your own experience and walk confidently and joyously in the direction of your destiny? This is what I teach here.

This isn’t for everyone. Most people just dance around the Journey, never truly stepping in. It becomes a confused tango of desperate seeking, fleeting moments of connection, and then a sudden escape at a dead run.

Yet YOU are here. And that’s what I’m interested in. Because maybe… just maybe… you’re here to ask the BIG questions that can lead you to YOUR answers.

And so I am here to challenge you. To seduce you. To draw you in, step by step, until you blink away the bewilderment to find yourself upon the Road Less Traveled.

Let me be your Herald ~ your clarion call: To Adventure. To Personal Sovereignty. To the Higher Nature of All That is Taboo and Can Set You Free.

Step in with me. And let’s see where this goes…

Start here.