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You Know You’re a Freelance Writer When…


Here’s a celebration of all the ways we are uniquely freelance writers… set apart from our cubicle counterparts, yet aware that we are perhaps still not so different. Or are we? Enjoy!

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To the Man Who Never Arrived


You did not come when I called you. And I know… I know that in the same breath I beckoned you with, I told you not to step forward.

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The Key to Success, Joy & Your Legacy


Most people talk about keys like steps. Use this tactic and unlock that reward. Well in this case, we’re talking about a pretty literal key here.

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4 Ways to Get New Clients: The Woo Factor


Freelancing allows us so much freedom and control over our life, our finances and our professional work. Yet the downside of that freedom is the responsibility to create that income and professional work.

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From Broken to Breakthrough: I’m Done Saying It’s Easy

From Broken to Breakthrough

This started out as a very different post. In my typical how-to fashion I was going to explain how easily we can transform our writing (and ourselves) by journeying from broken to breakthrough. But half-way through I trashed it.

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4 Books to Sharpen Your Sales & Marketing Skills

Sales and Marketing Skills

As you may well know sales skills often have more to do with what you know and don’t say then what you do say. Same goes for writing and marketing skills too.

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Men With Pens: When You Need Kick Ass Web Design

Men With Pens

I’ve never written a blog post about a vendor I’ve hired or worked with. Usually because I’d have to say something not so nice and that would just be sucky of me. But these guys rock!

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7 Social Marketing Mistakes That Cripple Your Reputation

Social Marketing Mistakes

Social media is an excellent way to market yourself as a freelancer. It can also be, in my opinion, entirely overrated and often misused.

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